Hay & Forage

Mowing must combine quantity and quality of forage. In addition to intervening at the right stage, it is important to adapt the mower settings to preserve the feed value of the harvested forage and not to damage the grassland. Tedding helps to optimise the quality of the forage. Raking must be done very carefully to avoid deteriorating the quality of the forage and its yield. Perfectly wrapped bales combined with a high output and outstanding durability guarantee KUHN wrappers to be a profitable investment. From mowing to wrapping, master every shade of green. Trust the leader who has been innovating for over 190 years to preserve the feed value of your forage.

Discover our range dedicated to Mowers

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    Disc Mowers

    KUHN, the leading innovator of disc-cutting technology, has produced over 650,000 cutterbars since introducing the disc mower over 50 years ago. KUHN offers many choices for large or small operations to meet your hay-cutting needs. Our lineup includes trailed, mounted, and triple mowers, catering to diverse farming needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of mounted mowers, the versatility of trailed mowers, or the efficiency of triple mowers, KUHN has the perfect solution for your farm. Read more

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    Drum Mowers

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Discover our range dedicated to Balers

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    Round Balers

    KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of fixed and variable chamber round balers available on the market. KUHN round balers ensure perfectly shaped, consistent round bales and produce exceptionally high bale densities even in the most demanding conditions. Discover KUHN round baler solutions that meet your needs! Read more

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