Mower Conditioners

KUHN is not only the leading innovator of disc mowers, but also pioneered the disc mower conditioner. Whether you are cutting and conditioning grass or alfalfa, KUHN offers many models to meet your cutting and conditioning needs. Since the introduction of the FingerComb conditioning system 25 years ago, KUHN has provided farmers with crop conditioning systems that offer versatility and ease of adjustment necessary to match ever-changing field conditions. With simplicity, easy maintenance, high output, precise conditioning and multiple windrow adjustments, we have the most advanced machines on the market that will help make your hard work a little bit easier.

Triple Mower Conditioners

The race for high output is never ending. Farms have increasingly larger areas to harvest, optimal mowing periods are limited and producing top-quality forage is essential. In these times, you can count on the performance, work quality and reliability of KUHN triple mower conditioners. Cut and condition up to 32’6” in a single pass. Backed by years of research and development, KUHN triple mowers will provide you with the cleanest cut and best conditioned crop.

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    • FC3525_F_Sil.png

      FC 25 F

      Front Mounted Models | Working Widths: 10’2” and 11’6”

    • FC10030_01_Sil.png

      FC 30

      Rear Mounted Models to be paired w/ a FC 25 Series Front Mounted Machine

    • FC9330DRA_Sil_01.png

      FC 9330 D RA

      Rear Mounted Model with Windrow Merger

Trailed Mower Conditioners

KUHN’s line of FC trailed mower conditioners offer wide working widths, simple adjustments and low maintenance for dependable grass and forage cutting and conditioning. They provide easy tractor hookup and exceptional cutterbar flotation and contour following. The trailed design also lowers the tractor ballast requirement, allowing use with smaller tractors, while maintaining excellent stability in both work and transport.

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    • FC4061TCD_02_Sil.png

      FC 61 TC

      Center-Pivot Models | Working Widths: 10’2” to 14’ 5”

    • FC3561TLD_02_Sil.png

      FC 61 TL

      Side-Pull Models | Working Widths: 8'10” to 11’6”

    • FC3561TCDRANA_Sil_01.png

      FC 3561 TCD RA

      Center-Pivot Models with Windrow Merger

Mounted Mower Conditioners

For operations seeking the simplicity and maneuverability of a mounted disc mower conditioner, KUHN has a wide range of options. With economical models for smaller operations, or larger deluxe models, there is a mounted mower conditioner model to match any operation.

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    • FC314D_Sil_01.png

      FC 4 D

      Mounted Models w/ Lift-Control® Suspension | Working Widths: 9’2” and 10’2”

    • FC3525_F_Sil.png

      FC 25 F

      Front Mounted Models | Working Widths: 10’2” and 11’6”

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