KUHN's range of high-performance hay mowers feature cutting-edge technology for efficient and reliable haymaking. Choose from our versatile drum mowers, designed for precision and reliability, or opt for the enhanced cutting power of our disc mowers, capable of handling various crops with ease. Experience unmatched productivity and quality with KUHN hay mowers – trusted by farmers for their durability and exceptional performance.

Disc Mowers

KUHN, the leading innovator of disc-cutting technology, has produced over 650,000 cutterbars since introducing the disc mower over 50 years ago. KUHN offers many choices for large or small operations to meet your hay-cutting needs. Our lineup includes trailed, mounted, and triple mowers, catering to diverse farming needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of mounted mowers, the versatility of trailed mowers, or the efficiency of triple mowers, KUHN has the perfect solution for your farm.

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  • Triple Mowers

    • GMD_3525_10030_Sil_01.png

      GMD 30

      Rear Mounted Models to be paired w/ a GMD 25 Series Front Mounted Mower

    • GMD3525F_02_Sil.png

      GMD 25 F

      Front Mounted Models | Working Widths:10’2” and 11’6”

  • Trailed Mowers

    • GMD3551_Sil_02.png

      GMD 51 TL

      Working widths ranging from 8’10” to 13’

    • GMD 5251 TC - Silhouette.png

      GMD 51 TC

      A trailed, center-pivot mower with a working width of 17’1”

  • Mounted Mowers

    • GMD355_Sil_01.png

      GMD 355

      A mounted disc mower with 11’6” of working width

    • GMD280_Sil.png

      GMD Premium

      Durability, simpler operation. Working widths from 7’10” to 10’2”.

    • GMD24_Sil.png

      GMD Select

      Combine a simple structure for a clean cut. Working widths of 5’3” to 9’2”

    • GMD3511_Sil.png

      GMD 11

      Three models, ranging in working widths from 11’6” to 14’4”.

    • GMD3525F_02_Sil.png

      GMD 25 F

      Front Mounted Models | Working Widths:10’2” and 11’6”

Drum Mowers

KUHN’s PZ drum mower provides small-acreage landowners and hay producers with significantly improved capacity and productivity compared to sicklebar mowers. This drum mower easily cuts through tall, thick and tangled grasses with minimal horsepower. Designed to be reliable and simple to operate, the KUHN PZ mower builds on a legacy that goes back over 50 years to the introduction of the world’s first drum mowers.

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    • PZ170_sil.png


      50 years after the introduction of the world's first drum mowers.

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