Mounted Mowers

For operations seeking the simplicity and maneuverability of a mounted disc mower, KUHN has a wide range of options. With economical models for smaller operations, or larger deluxe models, there is a mounted mower model to match any operation.

GMD 355

The KUHN GMD 355 mounted disc mower is great for operators who are looking for versatility, high cutting performance and durability.

GMD Premium

KUHN GMD Premium Series mounted disc mowers, with working widths from 7’10” to 10’2”, offer increased durability, more features and simpler operation.

GMD Select

KUHN GMD Select Series mowers, with working widths of 5’3” to 9’2”, combine a simple structure with key features, resulting in a clean and even cut.

GMD 11

Three models, ranging in working widths from 11’6” to 14’4”, are available to suit the needs of diverse operations.

GMD 25 F

KUHN GMD 25 F Series front mounted mowers, with working widths ranging from 10’2” to 11’6 can be used on their own, or as part of a triple-mower combination allowing you to cut up to 32’6” in one pass.

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