Bale Wrappers

Your feed dollars count. Protect your bottom line by preserving the feed quality at its optimum potential with KUHN round and square bale wrappers. KUHN offers the most complete and versatile range of single and inline wrappers available on the market. KUHN wrappers are fast, efficient and above all reliable. From stationary round bale wrappers to trailed, large square bale wrappers used by contractors, all KUHN wrappers produce consistent, high-quality wrapped bales to help maintain optimum forage quality throughout the storage period.

Single Bale Wrappers

KUHN single bale wrappers are innovative agricultural machines designed to wrap individual bales of hay, straw, or to produce silage efficiently and securely, including both round and square bales. With advanced features and user-friendly controls, these wrappers ensure the preservation of forage quality while increasing productivity for farmers, making them an indispensable tool for modern baling operations.

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    • RW1610_Sil.png

      RW 10

      Wraps 4’ x (3’-5’) Round Bales | Mounted & Trailed Models

    • SW1114mounted_Sil.png

      SW 14

      Wraps Round and Square Bales | Mounted & Trailed Models

    • SW4014_Sil.png

      SW 4014

      Self-Loading, Trailed, Round & Square Bale Wrapper with ISOBUS

Inline Bale Wrappers

KUHN OWS and OWR inline bale wrappers are designed to offer superior wrapping quality and productivity. Designed with demanding conditions in mind, KUHN inline bale wrappers have the ability to quickly wrap round and large square bales. Whether wrapping for silage, or to protect your forage from adverse conditions, KUHN inline bale wrappers use 35+ years of experience, innovation and quality of KUHN bale wrapping technology to protect your bottom line.

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    • OWR6000_Sil_01.png

      OWR 6000

      Round Bale Inline Wrapper | 4’- and 5’-wide bales up to 6’ in diameter

    • OWS_6500_Sil_01.png

      OWS 6500

      Round & Square Bale Inline Wrapper | 3x3 and 3x4 large square, 4- and 5-foot round up to 6’ diameter

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