KUHN round and large square hay balers are dedicated to their purpose; baling without compromises. Field performance, bale quality and bale density are fundamental to the profitability of every baling operation. The unique features and innovations on the KUHN balers make a real difference in field performance. KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of hay balers available for the market to suit your demands.

Large Square Balers

The ability to produce top quality bales in all crop conditions sets KUHN large square balers apart from all the others. Every minute counts when weather conditions are uncertain. The plain but well thought-out technology, belonging to the Power Density pre-chamber, adapts itself to your crop conditions. Various crops are no issue for the LSB balers. Perfectly shaped bales, combined with high output and outstanding durability, ensure the KUHN large square hay baler will be a profitable investment.

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    • SB1290_Sil_01.png


      Designed to produce high-quality 3x3 & 3x4 large square bales.

    • SB 1290 iD baler silhouette

      SB 1290 iD

      High-density 3x4 baler with double knotter

Round Balers

KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of fixed and variable chamber round balers available on the market. KUHN round balers ensure perfectly shaped, consistent round bales and produce exceptionally high bale densities even in the most demanding conditions. Discover KUHN round baler solutions that meet your needs!

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    • FB2130_Sil.png


      Fixed Chamber Round Balers | Produce 4x4 Round Bales

    • A VB 3195 round baler with no background

      VB 3100

      Variable Chamber Round Balers: Produce 4x5 & 4x6 Round Bales

    • VB3255_Sil_01.png

      VB 3200

      Variable Chamber Round Balers: Produce 4x5 & 4x6 Round Bales

    • VB560_Sil_01.png

      VB 560

      Designed to produce high-quality 5x6 bales

    • VB7100Sil.png

      VB 7100

      Designed to produce high-quality 4x5 & 4x6 round bales | Patented i-DENSE System

Round Baler-Wrapper Combinations

The KUHN VBP round baler-wrapper combination BalePacks are designed to maximize your silage quality and your return on investment. Following mowing, tedding and raking your crop, it is vital to prepare and seal it well to prevent the loss of the nutritional value. KUHN's round baler and wrapper technologies are combined into one machine to save time and increase productivity.

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