Meet our Team


6 000 KUHN employees worldwide are working to create smart farm machines to feed a growing world population,
and each one has a unique story to share.

Discover some of the faces of our team in different countries and departments.

Employee testimonial, working in the IoT Department.

Meet Pauline

IoT Project Developer

I enjoy working on new technologies that develop the agriculture of tomorrow. Thanks to KUHN I can combine my two passions, mechanical engineering and IT through international projects.

Employee testimonial, working in the Product support department

Meet Thy

Product Support Specialist 

I have worked for the export market since I started at KUHN in 1997. I always wanted to work in Asia. KUHN gave me the opportunity to work at KUHN China for 14 years.
With KUHN, the dream can be the reality ! 

Employee testimonial, working as Welder

Meet Aaron


KUHN cares about their employees; I feel appreciated, and believe my hard work is recognized and rewarded.
I really like the art of welding and I wake up thankful every day!

Braulio is working as en engineer in KUHN DO BRASIL

Meet Braulio

Manufacturing coordinator

I really enjoy to work in manufacturing engineering department, here I can follow the production cycle for each product and learn more every day about methods and processes.
Kuhn give us opportunities to work with great teams around the world.

Employee testimonial, working in the Field Support Representative

Meet Mike

Field Support Representative

I live to help customers! The team I’m on at Kuhn works together every day to accomplish this and it makes coming to work very satisfying.

Employee testimonial, working in the assembly department, at Geldrop manufacturing

Meet Aldona

Assembly Technician

I love working with my hands. Every day I build beautiful and high-quality machines. 
KUHN gives me the opportunity to work in an interesting technical environment. And all that in a team with great colleagues.

Employee testimonial, working as Product Manager

Meet Derek

Product Manager

I enjoy being involved in the entire life cycle of the machine. I work directly with different departments to strategically improve and develop products for our future in agriculture. There is a lot of variety in my work, and I take pride in being a part of KUHN’s innovations that help our farmers every day. 

Work on Provider department at KUHN Geldrop

Meet Ronny


As a Provider, I make sure the parts are in stock to keep the assembly running. KUHN puts a lot of responsibility on me with this. This is challenging and I enjoy that.
I also get to work with great colleagues from different departments.

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