Rotary Rakes

KUHN rotary rakes produce fluffy, well-formed windrows to help you dry your hay faster. This allows you to harvest your crops at their peak nutritional value with less reliance on the weather. Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and depositing it neatly into the windrow. The gentle raking action ensures that the leaves remain intact for maximum quality.

Single Rotor

KUHN single-rotor rotary rakes feature a reliable, grease-filled gearbox and double-bent tine arms (except GA 300 GM and GA 3201 GM) for superior raking quality and gentle crop handling. With sizes ranging from 10' 6" to 16' 4" there is a model for any operation looking to make even, fluffy windrows.

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Twin Rotor, Center Delivery

KUHN twin-rotor, center-delivery rakes offer easy operation and increased operator comfort with the ability to adapt to any large hay or forage operation. The central-delivery design creates the ideal windrow for round or large square balers. At each model’s core is a durable KUHN gearbox ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance in a variety of field conditions.

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    • GA-7501+Sil_02.jpg

      GA 6501 / 7501+

      Semi-Mounted w/ Single-Stage Reduction Gearbox | 18’6” to 24’3”

    • GA8731+_Sil_01.png

      GA 8131 / 8731+ / 9531+

      Semi-Mounted, Trailed Models w/ Masterdrive® GIII Gearbox | Working Widths: 23’4” to 30’6”

Twin Rotor, Side Delivery

KUHN twin-rotor, side-delivery rakes offer versatility in windrow placement, with the option to form one or two windrows. All twin rotor side delivery rakes feature double-bent tine arms for a gentle, lifting action of the crop. Swing frame models feature a lower transport height and are ideal for operations concerned about underpasses and low clearance bridges. Fixed frame models feature hydraulic folding of the machine for operator convenience and timesaving.

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    • GA6002_Sil.png

      GA 6002

      Trailed w/ Single-Stage Reduction Gearbox | Working Width: 11’6” to 19’

    • GA9032_Sil.png

      GA 6632 / 7932 /  9032

      Trailed w/ Masterdrive® GIII Gearbox | Working Widths: 11’8” to 28’10”

    • GA-7932+_SILHOUETTE.png

      GA 1032+

      Trailed w/ Masterdrive® GIII Gearbox | Working Widths: 11’8” to 28’10”

    • GA 6930_Sil.png

      GA 6930 / 7530 / 8030 / 8830

      Semi-Mounted w/ Masterdrive® GIII Gearbox |Working Widths: 20’8” – 28’7”

Quad Rotor

For large-acreage producers looking to get the most productivity out of each pass across the field, KUHN's quad-rotor rotary rakes have the size and performance for even the most demanding operations. Working widths from 27' 7" to 48' 3" cover large areas quickly, while double-bent tine arms create fluffy windrows while gently handling crop, preserving nutrient content. KUHN's Masterdrive® GIII double-reduction gearbox's ability to move heavy wet crop, handle dry hay gently, and neatly windrow corn stalks is unrivaled in the industry.

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    • GA13131_Sil.png

      GA 13131 / 15131

      Trailed w/ Masterdrive® GIII gearbox | Working Widths: 27’11” to 48’3”

    • GA 13231_SIL.png

      GA 13231 / 15231

      Trailed w/ Masterdrive® GIII gearbox | Working Widths: 27’7” to 48’3”

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