VS 127 Vertical Maxx TMR Mixer

Coakley Mixes Success with his KUHN Knight VS 127 Vertical Maxx® Mixer

Glen Coakley testimonial

“I grew up on a dairy farm and I have been farming all my life. I started out raising dairy heifers and now I raise Red Angus and Simmental crossbred beef heifers."

Along with raising the beef heifers, Coakley grows 100 acres of corn and 100 acres of alfalfa. Coakley’s current setup includes a Virginia style heifer barn with a drive through feed alley and outdoor feed lots in the summer.
With Coakley feeding in different areas during the year, he needed a mixer that had the ability to process round bales, have a low horsepower requirement and be mobile. The KUHN Knight VS 127 Vertical Maxx® single-auger mixer offered exactly what he was looking for.

“I bought my KUHN Knight VS 127 Vertical Maxx single auger mixer in February 2017 at the York Farm Show in Pennsylvania. I heard about KUHN by going to Ag Progress Days and other farm and technology shows. I like going to those shows to learn more about the different types of machines."

After searching at various farm shows, Coakley knew he found the right mixer when he learned about the VS 127 and all of the benefits the machine had to offer

“I like this machine because of the low horsepower requirement. It’s incredible because I can chop round bales with a low horsepower tractor. I don’t need a 100 horsepower tractor to feed animals every day. It’s awesome that you can take a 65 horse tractor and chop up a round bale without overworking it, that’s what I really like about it."

The low horsepower requirement has also allowed Coakley to increase his efficiencies and save fuel in the long run.

“I saved about one gallon of fuel per day with the low horsepower requirement. I think that’s the best thing about it. The machine works well in my barn too."

However, this was not the only benefit Coakley has seen with his mixer. 

“I like the low height because I can get under the silo conveyor easier and see over the top of the machine when I am backing up. KUHN Knight had the lowest height of any of the mixers I looked at. The height was one feature that was extremely important to me."

Height did play a major factor in Coakley’s purchasing decision, but whether he had a trailed or stationary mixer was important to him too.

“My VS 127 is a trailed-type mixer. I chose trailed because I have a drive through feed alley and I transition to outdoor feed lots for my cattle in the summer, so I need the ability to be mobile."

The single-axle on the trailed option allows for easy maneuvering. Having a trailed model was important to Coakley, but he also wanted a machine that will process and mix all his feedstuffs thoroughly.

“I mix corn silage, haylage and chopped hay in my VS 127. I think it mixes those three products very well. I especially like that it can process whole round bales. That’s what I was looking for when I bought my VS 127 mixer. I find that wet bales chop up much easier."

The VS 127 mixer has the ability to mix a wide variety of feedstuffs. The cone-shaped auger and angled top cover promote consistent material flow and improved cleanoff. The VS 127 can process and mix rations that range from low-cost alternative feedstuffs to higher percentages of hay. The adjustable hay stops play an important part too when processing a bale.

“These adjustable hay stops also really help with processing the bales, they hold it so the knives can cut up the bale to a smaller size."

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing and cut length to help achieve an operation’s nutritional goals. This adjustability makes hay processing more efficient and helps avoid the over processing of the bale. Coakley isn’t the only one impressed with the efficient mixing and processing of feedstuffs.

“I work with a nutritionist once in a while, and he is very impressed with the VS. He thinks it mixes hay, corn silage and haylage very well."

Along with his KUHN Knight VS 127 single-auger mixer, Coakley also owns a KUHN Knight 8114 ProTwin® Slinger®.

“I really like the spreader too since it has even coverage and cleans out well. But if I had to choose my favorite machine, I would have to choose the mixer because it’s new. I know the mixer will last a really long time. Both machines are reliable and durable. I know I can count on them to keep running,” stated Coakley, “The spreader saves me time because I can haul bigger loads than with my previous spreader. My VS 127 mixer also saves me time when I’m mixing and feeding. The mixer has excellent durability and the low maintenance requirements are a nice benefit too!"

Coakley works with Rovendale Ag and Barn Equipment in Watsontown, Penn. He knows he can lean on them when it comes to knowledge and service.

“They are very good, they treat me very well. Rovendale has very knowledgeable people and they also send me parts."

With outstanding service from his dealer and excellent experiences, Coakley recommends KUHN to his fellow producers.

“I would recommend KUHN to fellow producers because it has worked well for me. I like KUHN because they make dependable, quality machinery like the VS 127 mixer."