SL 124 ProTwin Slinger Manure Spreader

KUHN Knight Owner Believes in his SL 124 ProTwin® Slinger® Manure Spreader


The Risseeuw family of Clinton, Wisconsin, has a long and storied history with KUHN Knight manure spreaders.
Greg Risseeuw and his family purchased their first Knight manure spreader, a Knight 712 Slinger in the late 1980s. Since then, Risseeuw has had various pieces of KUHN Knight equipment. 

Ten years ago, Risseeuw’s son, Kevin, came home to farm with him. Since then, they have expanded their farm and now raise 400 to 500 steers a year while also harvesting 900 acres of cash crops including corn, beans, hay and wheat.

Risseeuw purchased the new SL 124 ProTwin Slinger manure spreader in November of 2016. Since then, Risseeuw has used his SL 124 manure spreader quite a lot and with the features on his machine it has proven to be a valuable asset to his operation.

On all KUHN Knight ProTwin Slinger manure spreader models, the raised right auger moves material rearward to keep the load level. The left auger moves material forward to continuously feed to the discharge door. Along with that, the well proven, twin-auger design eliminates material bridging. The two augers work together to create a bidirectional flow that provides constant agitation and steady movement even with the most challenging materials. But that’s not the only thing Risseeuw has noticed on his machine.

Risseeuw says he sees a change with the hammers in the spreader. These hammers feature more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. The new fully adjustable shroud helps decrease wear and extend hammer life even further. Nylon bushings and washers help prevent premature wear to the bolts, hammers and hammer shaft ears. Another feature, Risseeuw has grown to admire is the precise discharge control.

“I really like the configuration of the hydraulically adjustable deflector especially with it coming up from the bottom and how that all works. It’s more compact and easier to clean up."

The hydraulically adjustable deflector provides the ability to conveniently regulate the spread pattern from the tractor seat while spreading. This allows close control of the spreading width for accurate nutrient placement. The deflector stores in the down position and although it is not water tight, it completely closes off the discharge area to help prevent material loss during transport. 

“It definitely makes it easier to get from point A to point B without making a mess.It’s also really nice when you put something in the Knight spreader and you know it’s not going to end up in the barnyard or on the road."

With each of these features, Risseeuw says the SL manure spreader has been helping him meet his operation’s demands. He is required to follow a nutrient management plan and with the SL he can do just that. Operations with a nutrient management plan are assigned to haul manure to a certain spot, spread a certain amount and record what and where it went for the day.

“With this spreader, you can spread to the most accurate spot quickly by creating a uniform spread which is exactly what I want."

As for the time savings, Risseeuw has been able to cut down the number of loads he hauls when cleaning out his cattle barn.

“We haul so many bushels. I’ve got one barn that holds 200 head. With my old spreader, it used to take eight loads to clean out and now with this larger Slinger we can clean it in six."

Another benefit Risseeuw appreciates about his spreader is its longevity.

“You can own them (KUHN Knight Slinger spreaders) a long time and not have any problems."

KUHN Knight Slinger manure spreaders are trustworthy and built to last. These durable, quality machines provide users with comfort and peace of mind by knowing they will not break down. 

Risseeuw purchased his new SL 124 from Triebold Implement, Inc. in Whitewater, Wisconsin. 

“They’re good guys and their Parts department is good too!"

With such strong features, Risseeuw encourages others to use the KUHN Knight SL manure spreader on their operations.

“I’d recommend this manure spreader because of the longevity and quality of the product. KUHN Knight offers plenty of options and we had a lot of things to choose from when deciding what we wanted on our new manure spreader."