Crop Testimonials

KUHN Axis® 50.2 H-EMC-W Fertilizer Spreader 

Dustin Zander, Elm Grove Farms

“It's almost too perfect at times because you think you must have done your math wrong or something, but it comes out crazy accurate all the time.” 

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Fourth Generation Farmers Depend on Kuhn Krause for Tillage

Scott and David Stroberg, Hutchinson, Kansas

“Our 4830 in-line ripper is the perfect tool to help break up any compaction we have. It has varying points and wings on it that help obtain the optimal soil surface. This ripper does minimal disturbance on the top of the soil, but yet it shatters and breaks up any compaction we have below the surface from about 7 to 10 inches below the ground.”

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Less Costs, Less Equipment & Better Tillage for Hemdale Farms

Casey Kunes, Seneca Castle, New York

“By using strip tillage in our corn, we are able to split up the fertilizer application and placement by putting it down deep under the row in our fields. We are then able to use less fertilizer with our planter and side dress the field allowing them to widen their application window. In our vegetable crops and especially our cabbage, we are able to apply nutrients directly below the plant row, rather than prior broadcast applications.”

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Arkansas Grower Relies Heavily on His Pair of 5635 Field Cultivators 

Hubert Ragsdale, Wheatley, Arkansas

“Design is everything when it comes to farm equipment, and by far, this KUHN Krause 5635 field cultivator had the best design. The frame has been reinforced and it has larger bearings and heavier ply tires. That might seem like a trivial thing, but this equipment is really heavy when you go down the road. Ours have rolling baskets on the back, which adds to the weight.”

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Colorado Farmer Finds Continued Success with KUHN Krause Grain Drills

Allen Einsphar, Farmer, Holyoke, Colo

"I simply am happy with the way it works. I like the way the wheat and millet comes up behind it, the ease of using it and setting it up." 

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Third Generation Farmer uses KUHN Axis® 50.2 H-EMC-W Fertilizer Spreader to Spread Sulfate Fines on Grain Fields

Nola Roberston, Fairview, Alberta

“We’re looking at doing some in-season fertilizer top dressing. We can use it for many different aspects of the farm. If we ever run into a situation where our seeding gets really wet we can spread canola if we need to. It gives us a full range of operation and is one more piece to the farming puzzle.”

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Eldora Speedway Deems a KUHN HR 4004 D Necessary on Race Day

Rob Platfoot, Facilities Manager at Eldora Speedway, New Weston, Ohio

“It doesn’t take as long to work the track now. The harrow is a major asset because you can add more water to the track when it’s 100 degrees outside to work it into the soil to last awhile. Vice versa the harrow helps the track dry out on rainy days, when it’s too wet to dry by itself."

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Peter Martens Reaps the Benefits of Using a KUHN HR 4504 Power Harrow

Peter Martens, Farmer, Upstate New York

“We’ve been able to do an optimum job of soil preparation a higher percentage of the time because our rotary cultivator allows us to work the ground without losing as much moisture as you have to lose to use a disc effectively. The cost of operation is lower. The wear parts and tines are much less expensive on the KUHN than they were on the competing model. The KUHN is just a more robust and durable machine."

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KUHN HRB Power Harrow Pleases Colorado Hay Farmer

Ivan Getting, Longmont, Colorado

“In just one pass, the machine breaks up the clods and makes a neatly finished and fine seedbed. I anticipated the vertical rotary tines would break up the clods very well and indeed the power harrow helps tremendously."

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Stearns and Waldock Farms Depend on KUHN Krause Equipment to Prepare Seedbeds

Mike Stearns, Bloomdale, Ohio

Stearns enjoys using his KUHN Krause 4400 Packer and Landsman because he has seen improvement in the seedbed and yield on his farm. The packer pulverizes clods, presses down stones and eliminates air pockets in the soil, resulting in a superior seedbed to give the crop a uniform emergence and even soil temperature right from the start.

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Mike Williams relies on KUHN Krause Machines to get the job done

Mike Williams, Amana, Iowa

“The Landsman does a really nice job in the spring leveling and preparing the seedbed, it is just really suitable for planting. They really outshine some of the competitors out there. KUHN Krause machines are designed to do exactly what they say they will do: prepare soil, leave a beautiful seedbed, and break-up compaction.”

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Hendriks Farm Believes in Quality KUHN Vari-Leader Semi-Mounted Rollover Plow

Peter Hendriks, Listowel, Ontario, Canada

“I’m happy with the plow and our neighbors are saying it did a good job for them too. They are really impressed with the little tractor pulling the plow in such heavy ground.”

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Edelweiss Farms Achieves Their Ideal Seedbed with two KUHN Optimer+ 7503 Compact Discs

John Borer, General Manager of Edelweiss Dairy, Freedom, New York

“When we bought the Optimer+ (KUHN Optimer+ 7503 Compact Discs), we were looking for a machine that could prepare a good two- to four- inch seedbed for corn after running a manure dragline through it. It certainly helped us achieve our goal.”

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Schreur Prepares Clean Seedbeds with KUHN Vari-Master 153 Plow

Eric Schreur, Farmer, Hudsonville, Michigan

“The automatic resets work well. It does a good job in various soils – even our old river bottom ground. It’s very nice. It’s easy to work with and it’s very well built.”

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