Livestock Testimonials

KUHN Knight VTC 1120 Stationary Mixers 

Statz Bros., Inc

“Our operation has benefited from these stationary mixers (KUHN Knight VTC 1120) in efficiency and a consistent mix which has allowed us to produce more milk.” 

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SPW 25 Self-Propelled Vertical Mixer

Len Callaghan, Maryland Farms

“What I really enjoy about this machine (KUHN SPW 25 Self-Propelled Vertical Mixer) is the milling head on the front. The speed it will load and the bunk face that it leaves. When we switched to this machine, it saved us about an hour a day in feeding time and it allowed us to change the time of day that we feed. We’ve added a feeding in the afternoon and that has helped with milk production.”

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Beef Farmer Likes New Helix Design on KUHN Knight Mixer 

Nick Knepper, Hopkinton, Iowa

"When I start cattle on higher roughage rations, it (KUHN Knight RA 136 Helix Reel Auggie) does a better job of mixing. The first feed out of the mixer when I start unloading is the same as the last feed out and that is something I like."

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Custom Spreading Operation Turns to KUHN Knight Brand

Brian Eisma, Northwestern Iowa

“I have two PSC 181s (KUHN Knight PSC 181 ProSpread) for commercial spreading, mainly chicken litter, but they also work for cattle, sheep, hog manure and pretty much whatever I need, even lime if had to. It’s the best spreader I have had or experienced and I’ve probably tried five of them now. The KUHN Knight products have been by far the best in my experience.”

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New York Dairy Producer Says Helix Reel ‘Great Idea’

Rob Collins, New York

“We’re doing nine loads a day, about 10,000 pounds each load (with the RC 270).”

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SL 124 ProTwin® Slinger® Manure Spreader

Greg Risseeuw, Wisconsin

“We haul so many bushels. I’ve got one barn that holds 200 head. With my old spreader, it used to take eight loads to clean out and now with this larger Slinger we can clean it in six.”

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Kuhn Knight SLC 126 ProTwin® Slinger® Outperforms

Eric Clemens, West Branch, Mich

“The KUHN Knight spreader  (SLC 126) seems to handle anything we put in it, whether it’s from straight out of the cow to bedding packs. It will do the same job for both materials. We spread right onto the hayfields and you can hardly tell you spread on it.”

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KUHN Knight SLC 132 ProTwin® Slinger®

Leroy Schafer, Westphalia, Mich

“The SLC 132 has allowed us to be more efficient in the way that we handle the manure in a large capacity. We can move more manure and do a better job of spreading it on the fields.”

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SLC 141 ProTwin Slinger

Alan Rademacher, Sun Prairie, Wis.

“We have had a Knight Slinger here on the farm for probably 20-plus years. We actually had the model before this one, the 8141, but upgraded this year. We have always liked the product and we had good faith that KUHN was going to continue to make a good product, so we agreed to buy one. We didn’t even know what the new model was going to look like or what was going to change.”

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VS 127 Vertical Maxx® TMR Mixer

Glen Coakley, Bellefonte, Penn.

“I like this machine (VS 127 Trailer) because of the low horsepower requirement. It’s incredible because I can chop round bales with a low horsepower tractor. I don’t need a 100 horsepower tractor to feed animals every day. It’s awesome that you can take a 65 horse tractor and chop up a round bale without overworking it, that’s what I really like about it.”

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VT 144 Vertical Mixer

Jeremy Mayer, Monroe, Wis.

“I don't know why we didn't buy one (VT 144) sooner.”

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VT 1100 Vertical Mixer

Troy Wagner, Lena, Wis.

“Feeding is less time consuming because the mixer (VT 1100) is bigger. You can put a whole bale in if you want – a big bale – and it’ll grind it right up.”

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VTC 180 Vertical Mixer

Paul Fetzer, Northwest Wisconsin

“Fewer moving parts, longer life and faster mixing. The mix quality has always been good with KUHN Knight mixers, but we think we can do it faster now (with the new KUHN Knight VTC 180 mixer).”

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VTC 1120 Vertical Mixer

Florida Holsteins, Bell, Fla

“When we bought our first KUHN Knight mixer, we decided quickly we needed another one (VTC 1120). They are big, heavy-duty wagons that can haul large loads, yet still mix consistently well.”

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