Maximum Subsoil Fracture

Residue management, soil tilth and level soil surface area are all key factors in yield potential. The Dominator meets this challenge and outperforms competitive tools. Working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6”.

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The new KUHN Krause Dominator® 4856 boasts product features designed to provide optimal compaction removal and residue handling while reducing maintenance time. The double rank subsoil shanks mounted on narrow 18” spacing deliver maximum subsoil fracture. The new reverse-tandem rear disc conditioner produces consistent soil leveling and residue incorporation for pass-to-pass uniformity, while the soil conditioning reel provides final clod sizing along with seedbed soil firming. Maintenance-free features are incorporated throughout the Dominator 4856, reducing the required daily lubrication service time, placing you in the field sooner and increasing operator productivity. Working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6” and models are available with 7, 9, 11 or 13 shanks.

Your benefits

Residue Management



The Dominator® 4856 coulter module features ultra-large 25" diameter coulters on 9" spacing for improved residue cutting versus discs. An innovative live hydraulic down pressure system allows the operator to set down pressure to match conditions. With constant down pressure the coulters automatically seek the depth that provides optimal cutting resistance. Coulter gangs are mounted with Rock-Flex bearing arms for added protection. Coulters feature PEER® TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearings.

Shank Spacing

A split-the-middle shank pattern is achieved with two ranks of shanks on 18" spacing, none closer than 36" on the same beam. This provides maximum soil fracture and non-stop operation in heavy residue.




Choose from all deep-till parabolic shanks, a combination of deep-till and heavy-duty chisel shanks or all heavy-duty chisel shanks, depending on your agronomic needs.

Double K™ Points

Double K ripper points double the wear life of prior KUHN Krause Dominator fabricated steel and carbide-capped ripper points. Choose the 7” wing ripper point for optimal fracture or 2.5” straight ripper point for reduced draft.

Quality Finishing


Rear Disc Conditioner

The Dominator® 4856 reverse-tandem disc conditioner system is hydraulically controlled to meet varying surface residue and leveling requirements. Front blades are 24" diameter fluted disc blades on 18" spacing and rear blades are 24" diameter fluted blades on 12" spacing with center-mounted 4 lobe feathering blades to reduce clod size and level soil. Rear discs feature individual Rock-Flex mounts for protection with rear mounts reversed to shed residue for superior performance even in heavy residue conditions.

Maintenance-Free Bearing Assembly

Double row, angular contact maintenance-free bearings feature heavy-duty, multi-lip seals that create a labyrinth system to keep contaminants out of the inner bearing. Each rear bearing has a machine forged spindle with a 5-bolt pattern for fast and easy service.

Heavy-Duty 24/7® Conditioning Reel

Choice of heavy-duty round bar or heavy-duty flat bar reel with Peer® TillXtreme™ maintenance-free bearing assemblies mounted on heavy-duty ductile cast bearing arms provides aggressive clod sizing and soil firming. Optional hydraulic lift available.




Transport Width (ft/m) 13'10" / 4.2 15'10" / 4.8 14'01" / 4.3 14'02" / 4.3
Transport Height (ft/m) 7'06" / 2.3 7'05" / 2.3 11'07" / 3.5 12'08" / 3.9
Frame Type Rigid Rigid Folding Folding
Number of Shanks 7 9 11 13
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 18 / 46 18 / 46 18 / 46 18 / 46
Coulter Blade Spacing (in/cm) 9 / 23 9 / 23 9 / 23 9 / 23
Working Width (ft/m) 10'06" / 3.2 13'06" / 4.1 16'06" / 5.0 19'06" / 5.9
Approximate Shipping Weight Less Reel Option (lb/kg) 13,134 / 5 957 15,806 / 7 169 21,289 / 9 657 22,092 / 10 021
Approximate Shipping Weight with Reel Option (lb/kg) 14,156 / 6 421 16,879 / 7 656 22,700 / 10 297 23,555 / 10 684