Offset Mowers

KUHN’s range of offset mowers is well suited for farming customers, landscape professionals and municipalities. These units are great for mowing roadsides, ditches, hedges, woods, banks and other applications. There are different knife options to choose from to provide optimum performance for your specific application depending on working conditions.


KUHN RSM roadside mowers provide high quality of work and are highly adaptable. Designed to meet the needs of local municipalities, they are suitable for tractors with 65 – 90 horsepower and are at ease in a wide variety of conditions.

TBE 22

The TBE 22 offset landscape mower is designed specifically for mowing roadsides, ditches, and hedges, with a range of operating angles. The TBE 22 is compatible with Cat. 2 and 3 hitches, which matches up well to common utility tractors found in municipal applications.

TB 211

TB 211 Series offset landscape mowers are designed specifically for grassy areas and well suited for hedge work with a range of operating angles.

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