Commercial-Grade, Folding Power Harrows | Working Widths: 19'6" and 26'5"

High productivity and perfect soil preparation are equally critical to profitable commercial-scale production of field and specialty crops, and with 26’5” of working width, the HR 1040 R Series delivers just that.

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KUHN HR 1040 R Series power harrows deliver exceptional results thanks to their high productivity and unmatched soil preparation components to match any commercial operation. With up to 26’ 5” of working width per pass, these secondary tillage machines cover vast fields quickly and efficiently. Despite the size, you’ll find the HR 1040 R Series harrows easy to handle, due to in-cab hydraulic adjustments, simple monitoring and the ability to fold down to a narrow 9’10” for safe transport.

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Commercial-Grade Durability

The HR 1040 R Series power harrows are built tough for intensive use with high-horsepower tractors. The central gearbox is offset to the rear to reduce shaft angles and eliminate interference from large-diameter rear tractor wheels. It is also filled with synthetic oil and equipped with an oil cooler to withstand high temperatures in commercial applications.

Heavy-Duty Rotors

The rotors on the HR 1040 R Series are driven by large-diameter gears with no-maintenance bearings. The power transmission to the blades is ensured by numerous teeth being fully engaged at all times for increased durability and long life.

Operator Friendly

Perfect Soil Leveling



Transport width
Maximum PTO power
Minimum PTO power
Required tractor hydraulic connections
PTO shaft
Oil cooler
Number of rotors
Tine working length
Working position
Approximate machine weight with MaxiPacker roller
Frame type
Working width
HR 6040 R HR 8040 R
9'10" (2.9 m) 9'10" (2.9 m)
460 hp (343 kW) 500 hp (373 kW)
200 hp (149 kW) 240 hp (179 kW)
3 DA cylinders 3 DA cylinders
Standard duty 1 3/4" - 20-spline (factory setting for 1,000 rpm) Heavy-duty 1 3/4" - 20-spline (factory setting for 1,000 rpm)
Standard Standard
20 28
11" (28 cm) 11" (28 cm)
Cat. 3 / 4N / 4 & quick hitch Cat. 4 only Cat. 3 / 4N / 4 & quick hitch Cat. 4 only
Rigid or floating (+/-2.5º) Rigid or floating (+/-2.5º)
9,954 lbs (4,515 kg) 11,773 lbs (5,340 kg)
Foldable Foldable
19'6" (5.9 m) 26'5" (8.1 m)
Technical Characteristics
Transport height
Fast-Fit® II quick release tine system
HR 6040 R HR 8040 R
10'7" (3.2 m) 13'11" (4.2 m)
Standard Standard