5200 Series Grain Drills


Drill with Confidence

KUHN Krause 5200 PRO Series grain drills offer a range of sizes in both mounted, and trailed configurations, as well as models for no-till, conventional or minimum-till applications.

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KUHN Krause 5200 grain drills deliver excellent seed placement for conventional or minimum-till conditions. Folding capabilities offer excellent transport dimensions, and the large capacities for seed and fertilizer provide efficient operation. The PRO Openers deliver seed and fertilizer at precise depth to ensure uniformity in seed-to-soil contact and proper emergence.

5200NT no-till grain drills deliver excellent seed placement for heavy residue conditions. The front coulters, through the use of hydraulic leverage from the tractor, provide indexed residue cutting for the PRO Openers. The PRO openers deliver seed and fertilizer at precise depth to ensure uniformity in seed-to-soil contact and proper emergence.

Your benefits

Precise, Versatile Seeding


Consistent Seed Depth

The integral leading gauge wheel simulates a walking tandem. It follows uneven terrain while placing seeds at a consistent depth, which is especially important for small seeded crops, like alfalfa.

Fluted-Feed Seed Cups

5200 seed cups feature a fluted feed design. Large flutes allow slower shaft speeds resulting in greater seeding accuracy and gentle seed handling. An adjustable seed gate assures smooth seed flow with large or small seeds controlled by a seed rate adjustment knob on the end of the drill. Smooth plastic seed tubes prevent seed from bunching compared to corrugated rubber seed tubes.

PRO – Precision Residue opener

PRO openers feature a 4” x 12” chevron tread depth gauge wheel or a 3” x 14” crowned depth gauge wheel on no-till drills. The PRO opener design accurately controls seeding depth while resisting plugging. The 13 ½“double disc openers with a 5/8” staggered leading edge cut through residue with ease, ensuring a consistent seed trench.

HR PRO – High-Residue Precision Opener

HD PRO openers utilize a 3” x 14” crowned depth gauge wheel and one 16” notched and one 13 ½” disc for the opener with a 2 ½” staggered leading edge to enable excellent penetration in heavy residue conditions. The HR PRO system has 50% fewer pivot points compared to parallel link style openers while maintaining more accurate depth control.

Easy Adjustments


Wrenchless, Accurate Seed Depth Adjustment

Adjusting the openers is quick, simple, and does not require any wrenches. Depth adjustments can be made in ¼” increments on the PRO opens from ½” to 2 ½” and in 1/8” increments on HR PRO openers from ¼” to 2 ½” seed depth.

Simple Seeding Rate Adjustment

Seeding rates are easily adjusted by pulling the idler lever and sliding sprockets to the desired setting applying form as little as a few to over 300 pounds per acre.

No-Till Coulter Pressure

Cut through thick residue mats with ease on the 5200NT drill by hydraulically transferring up to 3000 pounds of down pressure to the no-till coulters for added penetration in extreme conditions.

Multiple Configuration Options


Spacing Options for any Application

KUHN Krause grain drills offer a wide variety of row spacings to meet the needs of any operation, the conventional or minimum-till drills are available with 6", 7 ½" or 10" spacing; no-till openers are available with 7 ½" or 10" spacing. Openers are also arranged with a 6 ½" stagger for excellent soil and residue flow.

Fertilizer Options

The dry fertilizer option on 5200 folding and 5200NT models with PRO openers includes a stainless steel tank floor and a 60% grain, 40% fertilizer split. The fertilizer cups are made of the same non-corrosive material as the seed cups providing years of trouble-free operation.

Legume Seeder

A legume or small seed box is available to enable seeding of multiple crops at the same time, reducing passes across the field and enabling the use of cover crops.


Additional Equipment for the 5200 Grain Drills

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