Axis® 40.2/50.2 H-EMC-W


Unequaled Spreading Precision

KUHN Axis® .2 Series fertilizer spreaders offer a unique combination of innovative technologies to meet the desires of today’s farmers.

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The KUHN Axis® .2 Series sets the industry standard in precision broadcast fertilizer spreading. These fertilizer spreaders come with a variety of options to meet the needs of a wide range of producers up to large row crop or commercial operations. The Axis 40.2 and 50.2 fertilizer spreader models offer the most precise rate control in the industry, thanks to exclusive EMC technology. Triangular spread patterns create wide working widths and precise material placement, even in breezier conditions. Vari-Spread Pro, Opti-Point and border control combine to significantly reduce over-application to save input costs. ISOBUS software is simple to set up and the machine can be run with any terminal that meets the appropriate industry standards. All this adds up to an outstanding return on investment for you, the producer.

Your benefits

CDA: Unrivaled Accuracy


Coaxial Distribution Adjustment System (CDA)

Different fertilizers, variable application rates, multiple working widths – your fertilizer spreader must quickly adapt to different needs. The CDA system, part of every KUHN Axis fertilizer spreader, helps meet these challenges while providing ultra-easy adjustments. There are two important features that make the CDA system unique:

1. The pivoting hopper base enables quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertilizer onto the spreading discs.

2. Specially designed metering outlets, close to the center of the discs, allow multiple supply points to the paddles. This helps ensure constant fertilizer flow and an even spread pattern.


You can modify the working width in a few seconds by simply changing the drop point of the fertilizer onto the disc. This is done without any tools by pivoting the base – from the cab via the ISOBUS display. No paddles have to be adjusted and no manual contact with the fertilizer is required.

Extra-Slow Agitator

The agitator regulates the supply, promotes fertilizer flow and helps keep the fertilizer intact. This is because the agitators stop immediately when the metering outlets are closed, protecting the granules from unnecessary agitation. Rotating at only 17 RPM, they handle the granules gently to significantly reduce damage and prevent powder formation.

More Accuracy with Drop Guide

To ensure an accurate drop point of the fertilizer on the disc, a brush drop guide follows the fertilizer flow until it is caught by the paddles.

Reduced Turbulence

Airfin deflectors reduce turbulence generated by the rotating discs to ensure even fertilizer flow.

Consistent, Uniform Spreading


Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) System

Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) is a unique technology, well-established and proven after years of experience. The EMC system includes hydraulically driven spinner discs, which use proven electromagnetic torque sensors to determine the rate of material falling to each disc separately. This measurement, allows the system to compare the measured rate to the rate set by the operator. If the rate does not match, it automatically compensates by opening or closing the metering gates independently for each side.

Integrated Weighing System

Included on all AXIS H-EMC-W machines are high-capacity weigh cells. Through the ISOBUS terminal, these weigh cells inform the operator of the quantity of material remaining in the hopper and assist with recording "as applied" nutrient managment maps.

Hydraulic Disc Drive

The discs, driven by the tractor’s hydraulic system, are independent of the engine. As a result, their spread pattern remains constant and can be adjusted when driving to field points. Spreading with reduced engine speed is possible, which decreases overall fuel consumption.

Innovative Features to Meet Your Needs


Vari-Spread Pro

Vari-Spread Pro (Section Control) maintains the proper working width by changing the drop point and the spreading disc speed.

Metering outlets are opened and closed with GPS control. Even in field points Vari-Spread can shut off sections on the left and right sides at the ideal moment. The result is maximum comfort and the highest precision possible.


On headlands, most systems typically start spreading at the same point, even though each fertilizer is different. Opti-Point now automatically determines the ideal point to open and close the metering outlets, according to settings made with the GPS system.

Vari-Spread and Opti-Point require the use of a GPS virtual terminal, in conjunction with the KUHN-supplied Quantron or as a standalone on ISOBUS machines.

Border Spreading

On Axis H-EMC-W models, border spreading can be engaged on either the left- or right-hand side, via the control terminal. 

Two modes of border control are available on either side. Yield mode focuses on feeding the outside rows of crop, while environmental mode virtually eliminates placing any product out side of your set field boundary.




 Axis 40.2 H-EMC-WAxis 50.2 H-EMC-W
Maximum hopper payload 7,050 lbs (3,198 kg) 9,260 lbs (4,200 kg)
Basic capacity 112 ft³ (34.13 m³) 148 ft³ (45.11 m³)
Filling height 5'2" (1.57 m) 5'9" (1.75 m)
Hopper width 9'2" (2.79 m) 9'6" (2.86 m)
Loading width 8'10" (2.69 m) 8'10" (2.69 m)
Working width adjustment From cab via virtual terminal or GPS From cab via virtual terminal or GPS
Application rate control EMC technology EMC technology
Outlet control Speed Servos Speed Servos
Fertilizer application rate Up to 1,100 lbs (500 kg) / min Up to 1,100 lbs (500 kg) / min
ISOBUS compatible Yes Yes
Control terminal Optional ISOBUS terminal (CCI) Optional ISOBUS terminal (CCI)
ISO 11786 cable (to use speed signal from the tractor) Optional Optional
Section control Vari-Spread Pro - Infinitely variable section control Vari-Spread Pro - Infinitely variable section control
Speed sensor Optional Optional
Weigh scales Standard Standard
Hopper level sensors Standard Standard
Hopper cover Standard Standard
Mud guards Standard Standard
Anti-projection guards Standard Standard
Spreading discs included in base machine S6 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 79' - 118' (24 - 36 m) S6 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 79' - 118' (24 - 36 m)
Disc protection guard Standard Standard
Hitch Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible) Cat. 3
Not quick hitch compatible as standard, Cat. 3/4N quick hitch adapter brackets available through optional equipment - quick hitch must be to ASABE specifications
Ladder Optional Standard
Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 DA valve with free return or direct connection to load sensing with free return 1 DA with free return or direct connection to load sensing with free return
Hydraulic capacity required Min. 12 gal/min at 2,610 psi Min. 17.5 gal/min at 2,610 psi
Fertilizer identification cards and spread charts Standard (US imperial and metric) Standard (US imperial and metric)
Display unit capability Imperial and metric Imperial and metric
Road lights and signaling Standard Standard
Empty machine net weight, approx. 1,200 lbs (545 kg) 1,875 lbs (852 kg)


Customer Spotlight: Axis® 40.2/50.2 H-EMC-W

  • Nolan Robertson
    Nola Roberston Fairview, Alberta

    “We’re looking at doing some in-season fertilizer top dressing. We can use it (KUHN Axis® 50.2 H-EMC-W) for many different aspects of the farm. If we ever run into a situation where our seeding gets really wet we can spread canola if we need to. It gives us a full range of operation and is one more piece to the farming puzzle.”

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