Advance™ .1 Series Precision Fertilizer Spreader

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Unequaled Spreading Precision

The Advance™ .1 Series fertilizer spreaders utilize the proven technology of the Axis PowerPack with EMC rate control, section control, headland control and border control. Standard weighing system, 304 stainless steel hopper and ISOBUS compatibility add to the machine’s impressive features.

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The KUHN Advance™.1 Series trailed fertilizer spreaders offer fertilizer cost savings and environmental benefits through industry-leading control of application rate and spread pattern. With adjustable axle spacing, high ground clearance and multiple tire options, the Advance is capable of in-season fertilizer application as well as pre- or post-season spreading. The optional Universal PowerPack allows high-volume spreading of lime, increasing the machine’s versatility. Two models offer capacities of 300 and 350 cubic feet and working widths of up to 164’.

Your benefits

Accurate Spreading, Wide Working Widths


Wide Working Widths

Working widths of up to 164’ mean fewer passes across the field, saving you valuable time, conserving fuel, and reducing soil compaction.

Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) System

Electronic Mass Flow Control (EMC) is a unique technology, well-established and proven after years of experience. This pioneering, torque-based system measures and continuously adjusts the application rate on each disc separately for complete flexibility and high precision. EMC technology maintains the difference between the set rate and actual as applied rate to 2% or lower.

Border Spreading

Border spreading is accomplished on the Advance™ fertilizer spreader by reducing disc speed and/or drop point so fertilizer stays within the boundaries of your fields. Border spreading can be engaged on either the left- or right-hand side via the ISOBUS control terminal, creating a more trapezoidal spread pattern on the selected side.

Vari-Spread and Opti-Point

The Vari-Spread Pro section control system saves fertilizer by shutting off sections in point rows and oddly shaped fields to decrease overlap and reduce input costs. In  manual mode, four sections per side are selectable (eight total). In automatic GPS mode, the system adjusts the drop point and disc speed constantly, resulting in a continuously variable spread width. Opti-Point takes the guesswork out of headland turns, starting or stopping the discs at just the right moment to reduce overlap.

Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) System

The Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) system has two important features that make it unique:
  1. The pivoting hopper base enables quick adaptation to various fertilizers and working widths by adjusting the drop point of the fertilizer onto the spreading discs.
  2. Specially designed metering outlets close to the center of the discs allow multiple supply points to the paddles. This helps ensure constant fertilizer flow and an even spread pattern.

Versatile Configurations


Axis® PowerPack

The Axis® PowerPack is the hydraulically driven module for high-precision spreading of granulated fertilizer. Based off the well-proven Axis H-EMC model design, the fertilizer system allows granulated fertilizer and seeds to be spread with ultimate precision from 60’ to 164’ depending on material.

Universal PowerPack

The Universal PowerPack allows for accurate spreading of ag lime as well some organic material. The Universal PowerPack contains larger and heavier spinning discs to spread the heavy and wet material up to 60’. The Universal PowerPack can be used for variable rate application as standard.

Adjustable Axle

All Advance .1 models feature adjustable axle spacing from 80” - 90” - 120” as standard equipment. Combined with the high ground clearance and available tire options, operators can set the machine for in-season nutrient application in both 20” and 30” rows.

Premium Features In Every Machine


Main Hopper

The main hopper is constructed from 304 stainless steel for outstanding corrosion resistance. Wires and hoses are routed through the enclosed horizontal side channels to prevent water and fertilizer infiltration.

Belt-Over-Chain Conveyor

A belt-over-chain conveyor moves the product from the main hopper to the PowerPack in the rear. This durable design provides a positive drive to eliminate slippage in heavy lime conditions. The conveyor runs “uphill” toward the rear-mounted PowerPack, which improves balance and tongue weight by keeping the majority of the load toward the front of the machine.

Weighing System

Four weigh cells located between the hopper and frame to inform the operator of the quantity  remaining in the hopper. This helps the operator anticipate the appropriate reloading points and avoid running out of product mid-pass. The weighing system also aids in regulatory documentation and record keeping.




Technical Characteristics
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ADVANCE 300.1 / 350.1 ADVANCE 300.1 / 350.1
Pictures28\KNA\7. Precision Fertilizer Spreaders\Advance\Advance350.1_StaticNew.jpg Pictures28\KNA\7. Precision Fertilizer Spreaders\Advance\Advance350.1_StaticNew.jpg
Pictures28\KNA\7. Precision Fertilizer Spreaders\Advance\Advance350.1_StaticNew.jpg Pictures28\KNA\7. Precision Fertilizer Spreaders\Advance\Advance350.1_StaticNew.jpg
Maximum hopper payload
Basic capacity
Drive system
Filling height
Hopper width
Total width
Axle spacing
Hopper length
Total height
Conveyor belt width and type
Axis PowerPack - spreading width
Axis PowerPack - standard spreading discs
Axis PowerPack - application rate adjustment
Universal PowerPack - spreading width
Universal PowerPack - application rate adjustment
Brake system
Application rate control
ISOBUS compatible
Control terminal
Section control
Weigh scales
Hopper level sensors
Hopper cover
PTO type
Minimum power requirement
Fertilizer identification cards and spread charts
Road lights and signaling
Empty machine net weight, approx.
Hopper material
27,000 lbs (12,247 kg) 31,500 lbs (14,288 kg)
300 ft³ (8.5 m³) 350 ft³ (9.9 m³)
Self-contained PTO-driven hydraulic system Self-contained PTO-driven hydraulic system
10'10" (3.3 m) 10'10" (3.3 m)
9'5" (2.9 m) 9'5" (2.9 m)
12'4" (3.8 m) 12'4" (3.8 m)
Adjustable 80" - 90" - 120" (2.0 - 2.3 - 3.0 m) Adjustable 80" - 90" - 120" (2.0 - 2.3 - 3.0 m)
11'6" (3.5 m) 13' (4.0 m)
11'10" (3.6 m) 11'10" (3.6 m)
32" (81 cm) #4 Belt-over-chain 32" (81 cm) #4 Belt-over-chain
59' - 164' (18 - 50 m) 59' - 164' (18 - 50 m)
S6 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 79' - 118' (24 - 36 m) S6 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 79' - 118' (24 - 36 m)
Up to 1,100 lbs/min (500 kg/min) Up to 1,100 lbs/min (500 kg/min)
Up to 59' (18 m) Up to 59' (18 m)
Up to 3,530 lb/min (1,601 kg/min) Up to 3,530 lb/min (1,601 kg/min)
Optional hydraulic disc brakes Optional hydraulic disc brakes
LSW480/70R54 LSW480/70R54
EMC technology EMC technology
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Optional ISOBUS terminal (CCI) Optional ISOBUS terminal (CCI)
Vari-Spread Pro Vari-Spread Pro
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Standard (roll tarp) Standard (roll tarp)
Clevis Clevis
1 3/4" 20-spline, CV PTO 1 3/4" 20-spline, CV PTO
1,000 RPM 1,000 RPM
Standard Standard
180 hp (134 kW) 220 hp (164 kW)
Standard (US imperial and metric) Standard (US imperial and metric)
Standard Standard
11,000 lbs (4,990 kg) 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg)
304 stainless steel 304 stainless steel


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