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As the worldwide leader in mixing technology, we offer a wide variety of KUHN Knight mixers designed and built to meet any industrial mixing need. The RC 200 Series and RC 3120 Reel Commercial mixers gently and efficiently mix a large variety of materials, combining high-moisture byproducts. The VTC Series Vertical Maxx® twin-auger and VXL 100 Series triple-auger commercial mixers are designed to withstand continuous operation while mixing and breaking down even the toughest materials. Botec® 4-auger mixers have low power requirements for a wide variety of industrial mixing needs. With a variety of sizes that are available in truck, trailer and stationary models, there is a KUHN Knight mixer to meet the needs of your industrial application.

RC Series Reel Commercial Reel Mixers

The RC 200 Series and RC 3120 Reel Commercial mixers provide superior durability and performance, with new advanced options that separate them from the competition. The all-new, open-concept Helix Reel offers faster, more consistent mixing and improved load leveling in any industrial environment. The Helix Reel design optimizes the mixing of wet materials such as biosolids, but has proven to provide quality performance in any composting or industrial application.

RC 3120 Reel Commercial Mixer

The heavy-duty drive option offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and provides the ability to incorporate even the heaviest materials. These enhancements, combined with the versatility and low horsepower requirement that are the hallmark of the reel and auger design, put these new RC models at the head of their class. With many different options available, and capacities from 500 to 1,200 cubic feet, the Reel Commercial mixers can be tailored to fit any industrial situation. 

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VT, VTC & VXL Series Vertical Mixers

The VT and VTC Series Vertical Maxx® vertical twin-auger and VXL triple-auger mixers are the latest advancement in mixing technology with many innovative features for industrial applications. With sizes from 320 to 1,960 cubic feet, there is a vertical mixer to fit any application. The efficient mixing chamber and advanced auger technology provide very fast mixing and processing with unparalleled cleanout compared to competitive models.


The VTC and VXL commercial mixers come standard with heavy-duty equipment to withstand the most extreme industrial applications and intense load intervals. Numerous discharge options and the versatility of stationary, trailer or truck models make these mixers the choice for industrial applications.

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Botec® BTC 100 Series 4-Auger Mixers

The commercial quality Botec® 4-auger design features a raised, lower-right auger and an upper auger trough. This raised auger and box design combination provides a thorough yet gentle blending of ingredients. This unique design provides a consistent, more thorough mix and eliminates dead spots common to many other auger mixers. The low horsepower requirement means efficient operation and lower fuel costs.

BTC 190 4-Auger Mixer

These mixers also provide fast mixing and quick, complete cleanout, saving time and money. With capacities from 550 to 1,000 cubic feet, there is a machine to meet your needs.

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BTC 190 4-Auger Mixer