Terminal ISOBUS CCI 1200 Picture

Newest, Largest KUHN ISOBUS Terminal

Operators wanting a large, vibrant display with multiple layout options combined with high functionality have their needs met with the CCI 1200.

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The new AEF-certified CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal offers excellent visibility and display options while also providing a high level of machine functionality and interaction. The large touchscreen makes it easy to navigate and display multiple operations, and provides the option to display multiple screens simultaneously. The terminal makes it easy to control and view a wide variety of implement parameters available through the terminal.
CCI 1200

Your benefits

Large, Versatile Touchscreen

CCI 1200 terminal displaying simultaneously different information on an anti-glare user-friendly screen

Brand-new, large-size, ultra high performance

The CCI 1200 offers industry-leading performance and versatility in an ISOBUS terminal. The 12.1” anti-glare touchscreen provides excellent operator visibility in various lighting. Multi-Touch functionality of the touchscreen provides smartphone-like intuitive navigation and selections on the display. The large size of the terminal allows multiple screens to be displayed simultaneously. For example, a machine work screen and an implement camera feed can both be displayed at the same time. Or, display a machine work screen and the tractor ECU information side-by-side. The display capabilities of the CCI 1200 eliminate the need for multiple cab monitors and help to save space.

Display two ISOBUS machines on the screen!

The terminal dimensions and design ensure comfortable simultaneous display of two ISOBUS machines on the screen. The CCI 1200 terminal integrates twice the UT function to allow you to easily adjust and control a combination of two ISOBUS machines, for example a front hopper (seeds or fertiliser) and a seed drill.
CCI 1200 terminal displaying simultaneously two ISOBUS machines on the screen, a front hopper and a seed drill thanks to the UT double function

Access the video directly

Control your work without leaving the tractor! You only need to connect your camera to the ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal to follow directly the images shots with your ISOBUS machine. This way, you will easily maintain an overall view on the work of your machine while simultaneously displaying the main work data.
CCI 1200 terminal showing the live video of a bale wrapping

Highly Compatible

CCI 1200 terminal positioned vertically with the displayed data automatically repositioned

Flexible terminal configuration: landscape or portrait?

The new ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal gives you the possibility to customize the standard display of your machine on the screen. Consequently, it is possible to position it either horizontally or vertically according to the space available in your cabin. As soon as you pivot the terminal by 90°, the displayed data is automatically repositioned.

MaxiView functionality: even more comfort

Preserve your eyes! When you are viewing a single equipment, the standard display size can be redimensioned to occupy the whole terminal height thanks to the MaxiView functionality. A fast access button to the upper bar allows you to easily switch between the various screens of which MaxiView for increased comfort.
CCI 1200 terminal MaxiView functionality with large size display for greater comfort

Simple and instantaneous navigation

CCI 1200 terminal with a hand representation showing the intuitive browsing thanks to the MultiTouch function.

Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

The different CCI applications are included as standard on the ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal

A multitude of CCI applications included as standard

  • CCI.TECU allows you to transmit tractor basic information such as groundspeed, the pto speed or hitch position,
  • CCI.Control is your task controler, it records directly all operations with any specific ISOBUS equipment,
  • CCI.Convert allows you to work with a biomass sensor and modulate the application rate instantaneously according to the nutrition status of the plants of your plot,
  • CCI.Cam connects a camera and displays directly the images on your CCI 1200 terminal,
  • CCI.Help System provides all the assistance you require in an innovative way. You can access information on the various open applications and their functionalities anytime. Even adjustments are explained with images and videos!

You need more precision?

With the CCI.Command Section Control application available as option for the ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal, control up to 254 sections per GPS! The application also integrates a headland management function. You will also find the Parallel Tracking module of the CCI.Command application which automatically determines the right path per GPS. Increase the precision even more thanks to the new Multi Rate Control application available as option. The latter allows you to apply two different application rates by controlling separately the metering system on the left and right.
ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal showing a map of the various application rates using the Task Control application

CCI 1200