The Premier Seedbed Management System

Utilizing a unique 5-step tillage system, the Landstar™ offers unmatched productivity with a 6-bar frame for non-stop residue handling. Model sizes to 36’ produce up to 320 acres per day of ideal seedbed.

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The KUHN Krause Landstar™ 6405 delivers excellent residue flow handling capability, soil mixing, conditioning and leveling in one pass. Exclusive Excalibur® VT blades size residue uniformly and minimize lateral soil movement to mix soil and residue without creating ridges. Exclusive Star Wheel™ treaders provide additional clod sizing, leveling and residue distribution. The 24/7® leveling systems increase yield potential through better seedbed condition and increase productivity with non-stop farming.

3-Section, Single-Fold: 18’ – 31’6”; 5-Section, Double-Fold: 36’

Your benefits

Exclusive 5-Step Process


Exclusive 5-Step Process

  1. Cut Residue
    Exclusive KUHN Krause Excalibur® VT blades with their 32-flute edge uniformly size residue for smooth flow through the machine. The gang, angled 8 degrees toward the rear of the machine, minimizes lateral soil movement to improve the leveling action of the shanks.
  2. Mix
    Cultivator shanks provide thorough mixing action, dislodge weeds and settle soil. The Landsman® offers a choice of 7” spacing for smaller clod sizing and more residue coverage, or 9” spacing for maximum residue handling capabilities.
  3. Anchor Residue
    Exclusive Star Wheel™ treaders cut clods, dislodge soil from weeds and root crowns, level ridges and recover residue evenly distributing it in the seedbed and on the soil surface.
  4. Level Soil
    Tine or spike harrows provide excellent clod breaking and additional leveling action. Choose the harrow system that best fits your cropping practice.
  5. Enhance Seedbed Condition
    The exclusive 24/7® Soil Conditioning Reel, available in 3-row tine with reel or 3-row spike with reel, accomplishes final clod sizing and soil firming with the ability to select a range of constant down pressure or float position to extend the weather/tillage window.

Maximum Residue Management


Manage Residue

Crop residue management is critical for a healthy, productive soil environment. Sized residue, properly mixed into the soil, minimizes soil compaction, releases stored nutrients and aids in moisture infiltration. Residue cover provides protection against soil erosion from heavy rainfall and high winds.

The front-mounted gangs on the Landstar™ are the beginning of this crop residue management process. The 8° gang angle and Excalibur® blades combine to minimize lateral soil movement. The exclusive 32-flute Excalibur blade uniformly sizes residue and begins the leveling process. The 9-1/8” blade spacing provides 24% more residue cutting force than competitive models with narrower blade spacing. Hydraulic disc gang depth adjustment is standard.

Maximum Residue Capacity

Residue, cut by the disc gangs, flows easily through the Landstar shanks. Weeds are undercut and uprooted. For fall-tilled or minimum-till conditions, choose the spring mount shank. For standing stubble or tougher soil conditions, choose the exclusive XT270 shank featuring a 270-pound point load.

Anchor Residue

The uniquely designed KUHN Krause Star Wheels aggressively mix soil and residue, pulverizing large clods while anchoring residue to the soil surface. This action protects residue from blowing winds or washing rains, and begins the decomposition of residue into valuable organic matter.

The 16" diameter, ductile iron Star Wheel™ treaders are mounted in pairs at a 25° angle with spring down pressure allowing them to contour over varying field conditions, evenly distributing residue across the soil surface for a uniform finish.

Agronomic Choices


Shank Mount and Shank Options

With a variety of shank and mount options, KUHN Krause 5635 field cultivators can be configured to meet your agronomic needs.

24/7 Leveling Systems

KUHN Krause offers a variety of harrows to meet your specific soil and residue requirements. These harrows are available for all sizes and provide time saving features to increase overall productivity.
LevelingOptions _Landstar.png




Transport Width (ft/m) 12 / 3.7 12 / 3.7 12 / 3.7 14'11" / 4.6 14'11" / 4.6 14'11" / 4.6
Transport Height (ft/m) 9'6" / 2.9 11' / 3.4 12'6" / 3.8 12'6" / 3.8 14'6" / 4.5 13'6" / 4.1
Frame Type 3-Section 3-Section 3-Section 3-Section 3-Section 5-Section
Number of Shanks 25 29 33 37 43 49
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 9 / 22.9 9 / 22.9 9 / 22.9 9 / 22.9 9 / 22.9 9 / 22.9
Number of Blades 24 26 32 36 40 46
Blade Spacing (in/cm) 9-1/8" / 23.2 9-1/8" / 23.2 9-1/8" / 23.2 9-1/8" / 23.2 9-1/8" / 23.2 9-1/8" / 23.2
Working Width (ft/m) 18' / 5.5 21' / 6.5 24' / 7.4 27' / 8.3 31'6" / 9.7 36' / 11
Approximate Weight (lb /kg) 12,441 / 5 643 13,301 / 6 033 15,208 / 6 898 17,472 / 7 925 19,386 / 8 793 22,765 / 10 326
Gang Angle 8 Degrees 8 Degrees 8 Degrees 8 Degrees 8 Degrees 8 Degrees


Available applications: Landstar™ 6405

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