BV Series Shredders


Maintain Pristine Orchards and Vineyards

Finely shred grass, vine shoots and prunings with the BV 100 Series shredder. Available in wide working widths from 38” to 90” for greater productivity.

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The KUHN BV 10 and 100 Series shredders finely shred grass, vine shoots and prunings. Heavy-duty gearboxes and new PowerQuad IV belt drive offer outstanding power transmission for tractors up to 90 hp. Larger hood openings allow larger amounts of prunings and residue between 2” to 3” in diameter to be efficiently processed by the rotor. The rotor is equipped with redesigned heavy-duty hammer knives and three rows of counterknives, an industry-leading feature, in the hood. KUHN shredders offer a wide range of optional features, so they are adaptable to meet any operation’s needs.

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Designed for Narrow Orchards and Vineyards


Main Gearbox & Rotor Drive

All BV shredders utilize simple 540 rpm PTO drive. BV 10 models have been rated for tractors up to 90 hp while BV 100 models have been rated for tractors up to 110 hp. A shaft transmits power from the main gearbox to the new PowerQuad IV rotor drive belts. These belts are designed to provide reliable service with minimal maintenance. Three or four belts are utilized depending on the model.

Rear Roller

The rear roller features removable ends, allowing a bearing to be replaced without having to replace the entire roller. It also features multiple height adjustments that leave the optimal grass height in a variety of situations. In addition to the height adjustment capability, forward and rearward positions are possible.

Large Hood Opening

Depending on the series, the hood opening stands from 11.4” to 12.6”. These large clearances increase throughput with easy feeding of branches and prunings, especially in windrows.

Slide Under Hard to Reach Areas


Low Profile

These shredders have a hood without protrusions, screw heads, or sharp angles to catch on trellis lines or low-hanging branches. The reduced hood height allows the BV shredders to slide under even the lowest of wires without damaging the vines or the trellises.

Side Shift Capability

All BV 100 Series models feature mechanical side shift capability as standard. This allows the operator to offset the unit relative to the tractor for shredding underneath plants or other overhanging obstructions. Only available on BV 100 Series shredders

Power through Clippings

BV_Hammer Knives.png

Hammer Knives

The hammer knives power through clippings and brush. They feature a curved back to reduce damage to the rotor if a hard obstacle is struck. The specially designed retaining pins maintain a firm hold on the knives year after year.


In addition to the hammer knives, there are also an industry-leading three rows of counterknives inside the hood of each BV series shredder. Counterknives help provide fine processing of material for quick decomposition.