Precise, Versatile Seeding

KUHN Premia mounted seed drills provide high-quality results with seeding units for mixed soil types and a covering harrow designed to work under variable conditions.

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KUHN Premia seed drills give users the possibility of working alone or in combination with a power harrow, reducing the number of passes over a field. KUHN engineers have paid special attention to easy adjustments and simple access to adjustment points.

The Premia has been recognized for its application rate and precision. Its well-designed hopper has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. The flow rate can quickly be checked with the machine on the ground or without being hitched to a tractor through simple and easy-to-access adjustment points. An additional grass box, which also has a wide opening for easy filling, can be added for drilling small seeds.

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Precise, Versatile Seeding


Fluted Rollers

The volumetric seed metering by fluted rollers, with built-in small seed rollers, is suitable for all seed sizes and shapes. The helical grooves dose applications rates from 1 – 400 lbs/acre. This distribution system is accurate and reliable throughout the whole operation. It provides regular seeding rates and distribution in the row even on slopes or uneven ground and is unaffected by vibrations. The Premia metering system is controlled by the seed drill’s two wheels via a 6-cam selector. This ensures reliable control and a regular flow through uniform rotation for small seeds with according low application.

Disc Coulters

The small angle of the single disc reduces soil movement and the cast iron seeding tip, positioned in line with the disc, both cleans the disc and precisely positions the seed in the furrow. The disc shape ensures penetration into the soil maintaining accurate seeding depth.

Efficient Border Seeding

A half-width shut-off disengages the left half of the seed drill, if it is necessary to seed with half width along field borders.

Easy Adjustments


Direct Access to Distributors

The flow test is particularly easy to conduct. The seed bar tilts via a parallelogram, making a large area available for the collection bucket.

Easy Check of Flow Rate

Flow rate can be checked with the machines on the ground, or even without being hitched to the tractor. Simply flip a lever for maximum access to carry out the calibration or for emptying the hopper. Afterwards, set the opening by a micrometric screw and carry out the number of turns required.

Adjust Maximum Seeding Depth

A big advantage for combined seeding in mixed soil: The adjustable low stop (by a rotating handle) determines the maximum seeding depth. It enables work to take place at high pressure while avoiding to seed too deep in areas where the soil is easy to penetrate.

Covering Harrow with Tines

The covering harrows with tines are adjustable to provide high efficiency operation and consistent seed cover in a variety of soil types and field conditions.

Easy to Load, Easy to Empty


Well-Designed Hopper

To allow for easy loading, the hopper cover opens more than 90 degrees, assisted by gas struts. That means easy filling from a bucket or big bag. The V-shaped bottom of the hopper and oscillating agitator ensure uniform flow to the metering units and a lower residual quantity at the end of the day.

Side Markers

Premia hoppers can be equipped with side markers. They are always lifted vertically for reduced dimensions during maneuvering and are equipped with a shear bolt safety for protection in case of hitting an obstacle.




Working width
Transport width
Hopper capacity
Hopper level indicator
Tramlining with HECTOR 3000
Number of rows
Row spacing
Oscillating agitator
Centralized coulter pressure adjustment
Road lights and signaling
Two emptying calibration trays
Covering harrow with universal tines
Crank handle for calibration control
Loading platform
Half-width shutoff device on left side
Distribution by helical splines
9'10" (3 m)11'5" (3.5 m)13'1" (4 m)
9'10" (3 m)11'5" (3.5 m)13'1" (4 m)
14 bu (493 L)28 bu (987 L)31 bu (1,092 L)
MechanicalElectronic sensorElectronic sensor
OptionalStandard with 2 disengagement flaps per side, minimum seed level and non-rotation of the metering unit alarms, daily and total area counterStandard with 2 disengagement flaps per side, minimum seed level and non-rotation of the metering unit alarms, daily and total area counter
4.92" (12.5 cm)4.92" (12.5 cm)4.92" (12.5 cm)
Standard with adjustable pressure and pitch angleStandard with adjustable pressure and pitch angleStandard with adjustable pressure and pitch angle
Standard with continuous speed variationStandard with continuous speed variationStandard with continuous speed variation
Technical Characteristics
Weight (kg), approx
1,466 lbs (665 kg)2,094 lb (950 kg)2,526 lbs (1,145 kg)
Cat. 2Cat. 2Cat. 2