Semi-Mounted Rollover Plows

KUHN is the world’s largest manufacturer of rollover plows including the Leader, Manager and Challenger. They are available with 5 to 12 bottoms and provide faster, more efficient plowing with no dead furrows and less soil compaction. KUHN plows have many types of moldboards to choose from, depending on the season, soil conditions and trash coverage. Because of their linkage, these plows can work with equal power using more bodies than a fully mounted rollover plow.

Multi-Leader XT

The KUHN Multi-Leader XT Series semi-mounted rollover plows offer an ideal combination of maneuverability, productivity, and toughness for demanding applications. Available with 7-9 bottoms in both In-Furrow and On-Land configuration.


On the KUHN Vari-Leader plows, cutting width can be adjusted on-the-go from the cab. This is beneficial for plowing in smaller and non-square fields, and when plowing different soil types.


For operators plowing hilly or undulating terrain, the semi-mounted Vari-Manager plow provides exceptional ground following due to its articulated design. Operators can pull more bottoms with the same horsepower tractor than if they were using a mounted plow.


The Challenger is the plow for high-horsepower tractors and extremely difficult working conditions.


This high-performance plow offers up to 10 bottoms per side to cover large fields quickly with unmatched weed and residue burial.

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