Axis® 20.2 W Fertilizer Spreader

Axis 20.2 W Fertilizer Spreader

Spread Value on Your Fields!

A compact precision fertilizer spreader providing accurate application rate control, high quality fertilizer distribution and easy adjustments.

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The KUHN Axis® 20.2 W offers a simple, affordable precision fertilizer spreading solution for small- to medium-sized farms and specialty operations. Standard weigh scales make for quicker rate-control setup while keeping the operator informed of the remaining quantity of material in the hopper. The Quantron A controller is easy to use and does not require a tractor with ISOBUS capability. Speed Servo electric motors control the metering outlets to reduce application errors and provide Vari-Spread 8 section control. Like other spreaders in the Axis family, the slow-rotating hopper agitators and Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) system gently handle fragile materials while creating wide, precise spread patterns. The Axis 20.2 W is designed to be customized to the needs of each operation, offering a variety of hopper extensions, border spreading devices, and other optional equipment. ​

Your benefits

Simple Spreading


Main Gearbox & Driveline

The Axis® 20.2 W spreader utilizes a simple PTO drive. Depending on the product and desired working width, the PTO speed may range from 450 to 650 rpm. Contained within the cast-iron case are the components to drive the spreading discs and hopper agitator.

Hopper Design

The split hopper design eliminates “dead zones” and any chance of material bridging, with an octagonal shape to prevent fertilizer from favoring one side on sidehills. The agitators (one on each side) ensure even fertilizer flow and reduce clumping from humidity. Depending on the set PTO speed, they rotate at 15-20 rpm to reduce damage to fertilizer granules.

High-Quality Powder Paint

All KUHN fertilizer spreaders go through a 7-step process that includes mechanical and chemical cleaning as well as top-quality powder paint application and paint baking. This ensures optimum corrosion and scratch resistance, UV resistance, acid resistance and increased abrasion durability. KUHN powder paint will wear longer as the base material is much harder and will corrode far less with the powder paint protectant.

Weighing System

The weighing system is one of the defining features of the Axis 20.2 W. Two weigh cells built into the hitch provide feedback for the rate control system and inform the operator of the quantity remaining in the hopper. Rate control via scales also eliminates the calibration test required on machines not equipped with a weighing system. The scales read and adjust the application rate every second, maintaining an accurate average rate across the width of the machine. The scales also keep the operator informed of the amount of product remaining in the hopper to help anticipate reloading points. ​

Metering Outlets

The metering outlets at the bottom of each side of the hopper allow the material to pass through in a controlled manner to promote the best spread pattern possible. The special shape creates distinct “packets” of material on the disc paddles to reduce the effect of rate changes on the spread pattern. Each metering outlet is controlled by its own Speed Servo a high-speed electric motor. This motor reacts quickly to changes in ground speed or rate settings, improving coverage and also reducing areas of over- or under-application in areas such as headlands. Speed Servos are sealed and maintenance-free for a long service life.

Unrivaled Accuracy


Manual CDA

The Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) System changes the drop point to adjust the spread pattern quickly and easily for the operator. On the 20.2 W, the slides can be manually adjusted.

Spreading Discs

Like all Axis models, the 20.2 W offers multiple disc options to meet the needs of the customer. Each stainless-steel disc features a long and short paddle to create a pattern of uniform coverage across the field. A tungsten-carbide coating covers the paddles to maximize lifespan, while the paddles can also be replaced individually. The discs are also specific to the left and right sides of the machine, with labels to prevent installing them on the wrong side. The curved pieces immediately behind the disc paddles are Airfins, which reduce turbulence caused by the rotating discs. ​

Spread Pattern

KUHN broadcast fertilizer spreaders, including the Axis® 20.2 W, spread material in a triangular “double overlap” pattern. Each pass places product in an area roughly twice the set pass-to-pass working width. Subsequent passes “fill in” the edges of the triangle with product to create an even distribution across the width of the field. Triangular patterns have an advantage over trapezoidal and other patterns, as there is greater margin for error caused by wind drift or inaccurate driving.
Axis_Spread Pattern.png

Easy Adjustments


Quantron A Control Terminal

Standard on the Axis® 20.2 W is the proven Quantron A controller. A color screen displays all the main machine functions, including application rate, ground speed, load remaining, area counter, and more. The physical buttons are easy to operate when bouncing over rough ground. To provide accurate rate control, the Quantron hooks up to a speed sensor, which can be either a wheel-speed signal or a GPS speed signal.​

Vari-Spread 8

Vari-Spread 8 is a form of section control operated through the Quantron A terminal. Sections are created by reducing the flow rate through the metering outlets in four steps on each side. Reducing the rate in this manner reduces over-application in oddly shaped fields and point rows, improving the owner’s overall return on investment. ​
Axis_VariSpread 8.png



Maximum capacity (with extensions)
Maximum hopper payload
Basic capacity
Drive system
Filling height
Hopper width
Loading width
Working width adjustment
Application rate control
Outlet control
Fertilizer application rate
ISOBUS compatible
Control terminal
3-pin battery cable with fuse
ISO 11786 cable (to use speed signal from the tractor)
Section control
Speed sensor
Telimat® T25 limiter (for border spreading)
Weigh scales
Hopper level sensors
Hopper cover
Mud guards
Spreading discs included in base machine
PTO type
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Fertilizer identification cards and spread charts
Display unit capability
Road lights and signaling
Empty machine net weight, approx.
AXIS 20.2 W
81 ft³ (2.30 m³)
5,070 lbs (2,300 kg)
35 ft³ (1.00 m³)
3'2" (0.95 m)
7'11" (2.40 m)
7'6" (2.30 m)
Manual on machine
Weigh scales
Speed Servos
Up to 882 lbs (400 kg) / min
Quantron A
Vari-Spread V8
1 speed sensor standard
Optional (right side only)
S4 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 59' - 91' (18 - 28 m)
Cat. 2 (optional quick hitch adapter brackets)
1 3/8" 6-spline
540 RPM
1 SA or DA valve for optional Telimat device
Standard (US imperial units)
Imperial and metric
805 lbs (365 kg)