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KUHN Knight PS 100 Series ProSpread® apron box spreaders, with heaped capacities ranging from 440-570 ft³, are designed for feeder, cow/calf, and dairy operations that process a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials.

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KUHN Knight PS 100 Series ProSpread manure spreaders, with heaped capacities ranging from 440-570 ft³, help meet the changing needs of livestock and dairy producers. The all-welded box construction provides a solid framework. PS 100 Series spreaders, available with horizontal beaters, VertiSpread® vertical beaters or AccuSpread® spinner discharge, spread the toughest solid materials quickly and evenly with the hydraulically controlled, variable-speed apron. The simple, protected center driveline improves dependability while reducing maintenance. The solid, poly floor also eliminates corrosion concerns. Additionally, an optional scale system is available for precise monitoring and application tracking.

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Built To Last


All-Steel, Welded Construction

An all-steel construction provides the backbone and solid framework for these spreaders. This simple, yet effective design keeps the sides and beater panels aligned for the life of the machine. The all-welded construction includes a reinforced tongue that pulls directly from the axle for added strength and durability. An A-frame assembly keeps the sides and beater panels correctly aligned for strong box integrity. A round-tube bottom, on the rear, promotes self-cleaning by helping prevent material breakup.

Center-Mounted Driveline

This simple design eliminates the need for extra chains and sprockets that are necessary for a side-mounted driveline. This simple design uses high-quality sealed bearings to provide reliable power delivery with lower maintenance requirements. The driveline is located underneath the unit, thus reducing the possibility of damage during loading.

Dual-Apron Design

To ensure quality and dependability the PS 100 Series spreaders are equipped with a dual apron which helps to distribute the load more evenly. Customers have the choice of 667 X or XH Pintle apron chain, with an additional choice of a t-bar chain on the PS 150.  The dual apron features offset 1 ½” x 2” steel slats which provide more consistent feeding of material. The dual apron also offers increased rigidity and longevity for both apron chains and slats. A hydraulic-driven, parallel-shaft gearbox provides reliable power with low maintenance. The parallel-shaft apron gearbox is designed for heavy-duty use. It is stronger, more efficient, requires less power and generates less heat than worm-drive gearboxes.

High-Density, Two-Piece Poly Floor

A two-piece, ⅝” solid poly floor provides more strength and durability than individual tongue and groove boards while reducing friction. This means that less power is required for unloading versus alternative steel or wooden floors. The poly floor provides impact resistance when dropping heavy loads into the spreader. The two-piece design allows for expansion or contraction with changing temperatures. The plastic floor also reduces winter freeze-down issues to provide trouble-free service and long life.

Discharge and Endgate Options to Meet Your Spreading Needs


Choice of Discharge Options

PS 100 Series spreaders are available with the choice of horizontal beaters, VertiSpread® vertical beaters or the AccuSpread® spinner discharge (PS 160 only), allowing you to customize your machine to your operation. To give you even greater machine versatility, beater modules can easily be removed for safe storage while stockpiling manure or when switching modules.

Horizontal Beaters

Horizontal beaters are most effectively used in spreading applications with dry, coarse materials such as pen pack or yard scrapings. They work well in situations where fast unloading and high application rates are desired.

The horizontal module on PS 100 Series models comes standard with two, 20" beaters. An optional lower beater is also available.

VertiSpread® Vertical Beaters

VertiSpread® vertical beaters provide quality spreading performance for a wider variety of dry materials, from tough materials like pen pack, to finer materials like dry dirt compost. They can provide the same fast unloading and high application rates as horizontal beaters, but with a wider spread pattern and more consistent material breakup.

Heavy-duty vertical beaters, equipped with 3/8” flighting and hardened steel beater tips, provide a durable beater capable of handling almost anything. The beater flighting overlaps ensuring an optimal spread pattern. All beaters are equipped with adjustable, two-position, bolt-on teeth which makes maintenance and replacement easy. For added strength and durability, through-hardened teeth are available. Power to the beaters is routed through a fully enclosed, integral gearbox, providing a strong and reliable power supply with low maintenance requirements.

AccuSpread® Spinner Module

The AccuSpread® spinner discharge offers consistent spreading of dry, flowable materials such as dry dirt compost, poultry litter and lime sludge. It provides the widest, most uniform spread pattern available, and coupled with the use of the metering gate, is able to accurately spread nutrient-dense materials at low rates. Twin spinner discs rotate at 520 RPM and work together to provide a wide and uniform spread pattern, for a total spreading width up to 60 feet. Available on PS 160 only.

Endgate Options

The swinging endgate can be used with the horizontal and VertiSpread® beater options. This heavy-duty, welded endgate provides outstanding strength and durability. Hydraulic cylinders raise the endgate for optimum load clearance and, when raised, it swings straight down to act as a debris deflector.

A metering endgate is standard for PS 160 spreaders equipped with the AccuSpread® module, optional on PS 160 spreaders with VertiSpread beaters. The metering endgate provides enhanced control of the material flow on VertiSpread and AccuSpread® machines. This accurate metering allows the ability to spread nutrient-dense materials at low rates to take best advantage of the nutrient value.

Reduced Soil Compaction


Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle

A rugged, tandem axle provides greater flotation and reduced soil compaction. A tandem axle allows the unit to travel across a wide range of terrain with ease. Bogie systems utilize a simpler design with fewer moving parts which reduces maintenance requirements and increases dependability.




Struck Level
Maximum Net Load
PS 150 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical PS 160 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical/Spinner
295 ft³ (8.4 m³) 400 ft³ (11.3 m³)
440 ft³ (12.5 m³) 570 ft³ (16.1 m³)
33,000 lbs (14,970 kg) 38,000 lbs (17,237 kg)
Overall Length
Inside Box Length
Inside Box Depth
Inside Box Width
Overall Height - Top of Beaters
Overall Height - Top of Thrown Object Shield
Loading Height
Overall Tread Width
Ground Clearance
Unit Weight
Minimum PTO Power Requirement
PS 150 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical PS 160 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical/Spinner
289"/310" (734/787 cm) 326"/347"/343" (828/881/871 cm)
210" (533 cm) 238" (605 cm)
37" (94 cm) 43" (109 cm)
72" (183 cm) 72" (183 cm)
81"/111" (206/282 cm) 83"/112"/106" (211/284/269 cm)
-/113" (-/287 cm) -/121"/121" (-/307/307 cm)
72" (183 cm) 80" (203 cm)
130" (330 cm) 130" (330 cm)
15" (38 cm) 16"/16"/15" (41/41/38 cm)
7,160/8,930 lbs (3,248/4,051 kg) 9,500/10,230/11,040 lbs (4,309/4,640/5,008 kg)
120/140 hp (90/104 kW) 140/160/160 hp (104/119/119 kW)
Standard Number of Beaters
Number of Paddles or Teeth
Beater Diameter
Lower Beater Diameter
Paddle or Flighting Thickness
Overload Protection
Removable Beater Assembly
PTO Drive Speed
PS 150 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical PS 160 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical/Spinner
2 2
14 Paddles/ 32 Teeth 14 Paddles/ 32 Teeth/ 80 Teeth
20"/37.5" (51/95 cm) 20"/37.5"/41 (51/95/104 cm)
Optional 10"/- Optional 10"/-/-
0.38" (1 cm) 0.38" (1 cm)
Shear bolt/Torque-Disconnect Shear bolt/Torque-Disconnect/Torque-Disconnect
Standard Standard
540-1,000/1,000 rpm 1,000 rpm
Number of Aprons
Shaft Diameter
Slat Size
Slats per Apron
PS 150 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical PS 160 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical/Spinner
2 2
2" (5 cm) 2" (5 cm)
6-Tooth 6-Tooth
T-bar or Pintle (X or XH) Pintle (X or XH)
0.25"x1.5"x2.0" (0.6x3.8x5.0 cm) 0.25"x1.5"x2.0" (0.6x3.8x5.0 cm)
24 27
Hydraulic Hydraulic
Front Panel and Sides
Trailer Axle
Spindle Diameter
PS 150 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical PS 160 TRAILER Horizontal/Vertical/Spinner
10 GA 10 GA
0.6" (1.6 cm) poly 0.6" (1.6 cm) poly
Standard swinging Standard Swinging/Swinging or Metering/Metering
Standard tandem Standard high flotation tandem
3" (7.6 cm) 3.38" (8.6 cm)
8-bolt 10-bolt