Outstanding Versatility

Whether raking hay or straw, the GA 8121 twin-rotor rotary rake effectively handles difficult conditions. Even in intense use, the Masterdrive® gearbox provides superior reliability and durability. The working width on the GA 8121 ranges from 24’3” to 26’3”.

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The KUHN GA 8121 semi-mounted rotary rake effectively handles difficult conditions whether raking hay or straw. Its compact design enables easy maneuvering in and out of hard-to-access fields. This model is well suited for farm operations that bale large quantities of dry hay and are looking for larger working widths of 24'3" to 26'3". 

The central-delivery rake design creates ideal windrows for round or large square balers, with windrow width adjustments from 4'7" to 6'6" to perfectly match the baler pickup heads. 3D rotor suspension allows the rotor to precisely follow field contours, providing the cleanest possible raking. Long flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and placing it neatly into the windrow. For crops such as alfalfa, this gentle handing, in conjunction with being able to rake when the hay is still damp, is especially beneficial as it ensures the leaves will remain intact. Fully enclosed, grease-filled Masterdrive® gearboxes have time-proven reliability and are practically maintenance free.

Your benefits

Proven and Durable Components for Superior Raking


Masterdrive® Gearbox

The KUHN exclusive Masterdrive double-reduction gearbox is designed for all types of crops, larger rotors, and demanding conditions. The fully enclosed Masterdrive double-reduction gearbox incorporates a two-stage reduction drive for increased durability and reliability with a longer service life and lower power requirement. The large gears and gear teeth are meshed together with tight clearances to minimize wear and provide the best overall power transmission for maximum efficiency.

Double-Curved Tine Arms

Double-curved tine arms are designed to form fluffy and straight windrows for superior raking quality at high speeds. Fluffy windrows allow more air movement through the crop promoting fast and uniform drying!

KUHN rotary rakes achieve this by following two basic principles for ideal windrow formation. First, the tine arms maintain a positive forward position right up to the point where the forage is delivered to the windrow ensuring gentle crop handling and minimal ash incorporation. Second, a steep cam track allows the tines to be raised very quickly to provide additional clearance over the windrow.

Easy, Trouble-Free Adjustments


Adjustable Working Width

Preselection of the windrow width, using a spring-loaded pin while in transport position, is all it takes to adjust the working width and windrow width. When rotor arms are lowered, the rotors are automatically positioned at the desired setting. When raised for transport, the rotors are automatically placed in the lowest position to minimize transport height.

Adjustable Tine Height

Tine height adjustment, by a simple crank handle on each rotor, engages the tines in the stubble to get clean movement of crop to the windrow without digging in the soil.

Easy Transport

The GA 8121 has a transport width of only 9’3”, making it easy to transport on narrow roads. The tie rod controlled steering of the rear wheels provides even greater maneuverability.

Maneuverability and Stability on Uneven Ground


Pivoting Headstock

Increases maneuverability and stability on uneven ground. It also provides added comfort during transport, increasing your safety and peace of mind.

3D Suspension

For raking when every leaf counts, rotors closely follow the ground over undulating terrain. The tines collect the crop with the greatest precision: a particular benefit when raking rolling ground.

Tandem Axles

Ideal for raking fields with uneven ground (pivot tracks, rough terrain after grazing, etc.) and where higher raking speeds are desired.



 GA 8121
Working width - includes windrow 24'3" - 26'3" (7.4 - 8.0 m)
Clean swept width 23'7" - 25'7" (7.2 - 7.8 m)
Windrow width 4'7" - 6'7" (1.4 - 2.0 m)
Transport width 9'3'' (2.8 m)
Double curved tangential mounted tine arms Standard
Foldable safety guards Standard
Number of rotors 2
Vertical hydraulic folding rotors Standard
Rotor diameter 2 x 11'6'' (3.5 m)
Number of tines per tine arm 4
Number of tine arms 12 x 2
Center swath screen Optional
Fully enclosed gearbox Masterdrive GI
Ground adaptation 3-D terrain following
Removable tine arms Standard
Rotor flotation 3-D terrain following
Transport tires 10.0/75 - 15.3
Rear wheel steering Standard
Tires on each rotor 4 x 16 x 6.50-8 super-balloon tires
PTO speed 540
Overrunning clutch on PTO Standard
Hitch 2-point semi-mounted
Minimum PTO power requirement 70 hp (50 kW)
Minimum hydraulic pressure 1,500
Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA
Road lights and signaling Standard
Machine net weight approx. 4,255 lbs (1,925 kg)
Check chain Standard