ISOBUS Terminal CCI 50


Compact and Functional

Operators wanting a small, rugged ISOBUS display to utilize basic ISOBUS functionality can rely on the CCI 50.

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The smaller, but no less capable, CCI 50 provides operators with basic ISOBUS information and control in a compact package. The durable design and touchscreen or function control buttons provide a workable interface in varying conditions.

Your benefits

Compact, Functional Display

CCI 50 terminal displaying information on a touch-sensitive and intuitive interface

Compact, Functional Display

The CCI 50 offers basic ISOBUS functionality in a compact size. The 5.6” touchscreen can be also navigated by using the function keys along the perimeter of the screen. This provides operators the ability to easily navigate the terminal, even at times when touchscreen use can be challenging in the cab. Auto-adjusting screen brightness also provides an enhanced user experience in varying conditions.

Highly Compatible

The different CCI applications as standard on the ISOBUS CCI 50 terminal

Compatible with a Variety of KUHN Machines

An increasing number of machines offered by Kuhn North America, Inc. feature ISOBUS connectivity. Current ISOBUS machines offered by Kuhn North America include:

Hay & Forage
  • GA 13131/15131 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • MM 1100/1300 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • LSB 870/890 D/1290 D (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • VB(P) 3160/3165/3190/3195 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • SW 4014 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)

  • VXL 1140/1165/1180 IntelliMix (VT 30, CCI 50)

Crop Production
  • Axis 40.2/50.2 H-EMC-W (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • Axent 100.1 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)

Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions


Access to Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

The CCI terminals offer a wide variety of functionality due to the wide range of machines that are ISOBUS compatible. All machine capabilities are certified through the AEF (Association of Equipment Manufacturers). Different machines are capable of displaying different information and using various CCI “applications” in order to perform tasks. Different “task applications” of the CCI terminals include section control, multi-rate technology, and ECU information display, to name a few. Explore the capabilities and compatibilities of different AEF approved equipment at the AEF website.
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