ISOBUS Terminal CCI 1200

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Newest, Largest KUHN ISOBUS Terminal

Operators wanting a large, vibrant display with multiple layout options combined with high functionality have their needs met with the CCI 1200.

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The new AEF-certified CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal offers excellent visibility and display options while also providing a high level of machine functionality and interaction. The large touchscreen makes it easy to navigate and display multiple operations, and provides the option to display multiple screens simultaneously. The terminal makes it easy to control and view a wide variety of implement parameters available through the terminal.

Your benefits

Large, Versatile Touchscreen

CCI 1200 terminal displaying simultaneously different information on an anti-glare user-friendly screen

Brand-new, large-size, ultra high performance

The CCI 1200 offers industry-leading performance and versatility in an ISOBUS terminal. The 12.1” anti-glare touchscreen provides excellent operator visibility in various lighting. Multi-Touch functionality of the touchscreen provides smartphone-like intuitive navigation and selections on the display. The large size of the terminal allows multiple screens to be displayed simultaneously. For example, a machine work screen and an implement camera feed can both be displayed at the same time. Or, display a machine work screen and the tractor ECU information side-by-side. The display capabilities of the CCI 1200 eliminate the need for multiple cab monitors and help to save space.

Highly Compatible

CCI 1200 terminal showing a bale wrapping

Use with a Variety of KUHN Machines

An increasing number of machines offered by Kuhn North America, Inc. feature ISOBUS connectivity. Current ISOBUS machines offered by Kuhn North America include:

Hay & Forage
  • GA 13131/15131 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • MM 1100/1300 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • LSB 870/890 D/1290 D (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • VB(P) 3160/3165/3190/3195 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • SW 4014 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)

Crop Production
  • Axis 40.2/50.2 H-EMC-W (CCI 50, CCI 1200)
  • Axent 100.1 (CCI 50, CCI 1200)

Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

The different CCI applications are included as standard on the ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal

Access to Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

The CCI terminals offer a wide variety of functionality due to the wide range of machines that are ISOBUS compatible. All machine capabilities are certified through the AEF (Association of Equipment Manufacturers). Different machines are capable of displaying different information and using various CCI “applications” in order to perform tasks. Different “task applications” of the CCI terminals include section control, multi-rate technology, and ECU information display, to name a few. Explore the capabilities and compatibilities of different AEF approved equipment at the AEF website.
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