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Control and Manage Your Machines All in One Place

The 8” ISOBUS CCI 800 terminal is the perfect size for your tractor cab and can help you control and easily manage your machines and improve efficiencies with advanced precision farming capabilities!

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The CCI family continues to grow with the introduction of the CCI 800 terminal. The CCI 800 has an 8” (20.3 cm) large working screen with a more compact terminal with automatic brightness adjustment for better visibility in the cab. Despite its compact size, you are able to view more apps and machine information than before with the terminal’s MiniView function. The CCI 800 has been ISOBUS certified by the AEF.

Your benefits

All your Functions in One Spot

CCI 1200 terminal displaying simultaneously different information on an anti-glare user-friendly screen

Simple Navigation

The CCI 800 terminal features MultiTouch technology for easy navigation of different applications. Intuitive finger movements like "press," "swipe," "drag and drop" and "pinch to zoom" allow you to navigate quickly and easily between different menus, screens and applications, just as you would with your phone or tablet.

Simultaneous Camera Display and Control

Through a video input, live-view camera can be displayed at the same time as the most important work data.
CCI 1200 terminal showing the live video of a bale wrapping

Focused Layout

The CCI 800 8" display focuses on one main implement with the ability to show, simultaneously, three different MiniViews. MiniViews allow operators to easily switch to the main part of the screen, allowing the operator to focus on the important information they may need while working in the field.

Use on a Variety of Machines

CCI 50 terminal displaying information on a touch-sensitive and intuitive interface

Range of ISOBUS Compatible Machines

An increasing number of machines offered by Kuhn North America, Inc. feature ISOBUS compatibility. Current ISOBUS machines offered include: 
Hay & Forage
  • GA 13131/15131
  • MM 890/1100/1300
  • LSB 870/890 D/1290 D
  • VB 3160/3165/3190/3195
  • VB 560
  • VB 7100 Series
  • VBP 3165/3195
  • SW 4014
  • SB 890/1290
  • ProSpread Series with Athene rate controller
Crop Production
  • Axis 40.2/50.2 H-EMC-W
  • Axent 100.1
  • 9400NT (optional)

Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

The different CCI applications as standard on the ISOBUS CCI 50 terminal

Wide Variety of Functionality

The CCI terminals offer a wide variety of functionality due to the wide range of machines that are ISOBUS compatible. All machine capabilities are certified through the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation). Different machines are capable of displaying different information and using various CCI “applications” in order to perform tasks. Different “task applications” of the CCI terminals include section control, variable rate control, and ECU information display, to name a few. Explore the capabilities and compatibilities of different AEF approved equipment using the AEF ISOBUS Database, registration is free.