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Control and Manage Your Machines All in One Place

The 8” ISOBUS CCI 800 terminal is the perfect size for your tractor cab and can help you control and easily manage your machines and improve efficiencies with advanced precision farming capabilities!

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The CCI family continues to grow with the introduction of the CCI 800 terminal. The CCI 800 has an 8” (20.3 cm) large working screen with a more compact terminal with automatic brightness adjustment for better visibility in the cab. Despite its compact size, you are able to view more apps and machine information than before with the terminal’s MiniView function. The CCI 800 has been ISOBUS certified by the AEF.

Your benefits

All your Functions in One Spot


Control from the Cab

All functions are easily controlled electronically from the ISOBUS display allowing the operator to fine tune the Excelerator® XT to match field conditions and working speed and view exact settings on the display. Front and rear gang angles can be adjusted simultaneously or independently for precise adjustment to suit field conditions and maintaining the same capabilities as Excelerator not equipped with Smart Soil Technology.

Ergonomic Comfort

When raising and lowering the machine on end rows or for transport, the operator still uses the tractor SCV control. This maximizes ergonomic comfort and familiarity for one of the most frequent operations.

Use on a Variety of Machines


8 Customizable Presets

Operators can store favorite settings for all functions using 8 customizable presets and then quickly switch between them during operation. A preset only mode can be used where the customer wishes to limit the operator’s ability to adjust the machine only between predetermined settings.

Multiple AEF ISOBUS Functions

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Plug and Play

ISOBUS equipment certified by the AEF is included in the online database. The customer can verify compatibility of ISOBUS functions between the machine and the terminal to be used. A true plug and play solution despite tractor brand and with no additional compatibility hardware required.