EL 23/43/53 Series


A Compact Tool for Gardening and Landscaping

The EL 23/43/53 power tillers feature a high-style design and quality finish that produces a smooth and clean finish ready for planting or seeding.

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The EL 23/43/53 power tillers are all adaptable tools and suitable for various tasks. These machines have been designed for seedbed preparation, gardening, greenhouse operation and landscape maintenance. The EL 23 addresses the needs for small tiller operators with high-quality tilling producing a smooth and clean finish. The EL 43 is suited for compact and small tractors while the EL 53 is designed for demanding environments on tractors with greater horsepower.

Your benefits

Strong Durability for a Long Lasting Machine


High Clearance Rotor

The rotor and hood design maximizes the efficiency of smaller tractors. Soil and clods flow freely to effectively work the ground without producing unnecessary drag that robs horsepower from the tractor.

Long Service Life and Minimal Maintenance

The rotor is driven by tempered steel sprockets, located in a side case with thick walls on the EL 53. The oversized chain with automatic tension adjustment is much more resistant to fatigue than competitive models. The drive is immersed in an oil bath for consistent lubrication.

Central Cast Iron Gearbox

The central cast iron gearbox of the smaller models is mounted directly on the tiller frame with hardened forged steel gears that run in an oil bath. It can be offset with the 3-point frame to avoid an awkward angle on the transmission. This allows it to work easily under trees and on field edges. The drive is protected as standard by a friction slip clutch.

Rear hood

The optimized design of the rear hood is adjustable, especially valuable when changing work intensity with C-blades for optimum tillage and plant residue handling.

Providing High Work Quality and Versatility


Progressive Lateral Offset

Offset hitch capability normally allows a tiller that is narrower than the tractor to erase the tractor wheel track on its right side. Offsetting the hitch is easily accomplished by sliding the three yokes of the tiller frame. Thanks to this continuous manual offset, the machine can be adapted according to the situation to ensure stability.

Quick Hitch Compatibility

With the optional adapter, the hitches on the EL 23, 43 and 53 are compatible with a Cat. 1 quick hitch for faster attachment and removal.

Compact Design

The compact design and low profile of these small power tillers allows the tiller to work safely under overhanging branches and close to greenhouses.

Cut and Incorporate Plant Debris



The Cultirotor (C-blades) of KUHN power tillers provide exceptional cutting of plant material before working it into the soil. The blades are able to do field cutting of annual shoots, incorporating mulch and cover plants into the soil or can plow up a permanent vegetation cover.


Available Rotors
Maximum PTO power
Minimum PTO power
Central gearbox
PTO shaft
PTO protection
Rotor drive
PTO speed
Rotor speed
Rotor diameter
Number of flanges
Number of blades per flange
Number of blades
Maximum working depth
Depth control
Rear hood adjustable
Progressive offset to the right
Supporting frame
Depth wheels
Working width
Approximate machine weight
EL 23-120EL 23-150EL 43-105EL 43-130EL 43-150EL 43-190EL 53-100EL 53-130EL 53-155EL 53-190
25 hp (19 kW)25 hp (19 kW)40 hp (30 kW)40 hp (30 kW)40 hp (30 kW)40 hp (30 kW)50 hp (37 kW)50 hp (37 kW)50 hp (37 kW)50 hp (37 kW)
10 hp (7 kW)12 hp (9 kW)14 hp (10 kW)16 hp (12 kW)18 hp (13 kW)20 hp (15 kW)18 hp (13 kW)24 hp (18 kW)28 hp (21 kW)32 hp (24 kW)
Single speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speedSingle speed
Standard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-splineStandard 1 3/8'' - 6-spline
Slip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutchSlip clutch
#60 chain#60 chain#80 chain#80 chain#80 chain#80 chain#80H chain#80H chain#80H chain#80H chain
540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm
241 rpm241 rpm211 rpm211 rpm211 rpm211 rpm244 rpm244 rpm244 rpm244 rpm
15" (38 cm)15" (38 cm)15" (38 cm)15" (38 cm)15" (38 cm)15" (38 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)
444 (6 possible)4 (6 possible)4 (6 possible)4 (6 possible)6666
4" (10 cm)4" (10 cm)6" (15 cm)6" (15 cm)6" (15 cm)6" (15 cm)6" (15.2 cm)6" (15.2 cm)6" (15.2 cm)6" (15.2 cm)
Adjustable skidsAdjustable skidsAdjustable skidsAdjustable skidsAdjustable skidsAdjustable skidsDepth wheelsDepth wheelsDepth wheelsDepth wheels
4" (10 cm)-8" (20.3 cm)12" (30.5 cm)16" (40.6 cm)-6" (15.2 cm)12" (30.5 cm)12" (30.5 cm)-
Cat. 0 and 1Cat. 0 and 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1Cat. 1 and 1NCat. 1 and 1NCat. 1 and 1NCat. 1 and 1N
49" (1.25 m)57" (1.45 m)42" (1.07 m)50" (1.27 m)58" (1.48 m)74" (1.89 m)38" (0.97 m)50" (1.27 m)60" (1.52 m)74" (1.88 m)
317 lbs (144 kg)348 lbs (158 kg)464 lbs (210 kg)496 lbs (225 kg)529 lbs (240 kg)585 lbs (265 kg)550 lbs (250 kg)605 lbs (275 kg)649 lbs (295 kg)726 lbs (330 kg)