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Impeccable Seedbed Preparation

KUHN 1004 Series power harrows are secondary-tillage machines, designed to create a smooth, level seedbed in one pass, saving you time and money.

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KUHN HR 1004 Series power harrows are designed to create a smooth, level seedbed in one pass, following primary tillage, saving you both time and money. These power harrows provide outstanding seedbed preparation, creating the ideal environment for the best germination. Deep or shallow soil preparation, spring or autumn work, wet or dry conditions, these machines will prove highly efficient under all circumstances.

Your benefits

Perfect Soil Preparation


Side Deflector

A side deflector is responsible for perfect leveling during seedbed preparation no matter the soil type and working depth. Working efficiency and quality are maintained, even if an obstruction is encountered. For greater comfort, there are no bolts to remove when making adjustments.

Depth Control

Roller height is easily adjusted with a simple to use multi-hole and stop-pin selector. The HR 1004 D Series comes with multiple roller options to meet your depth control needs.

Roller Options

KUHN has a variety of rollers available to compliment your KUHN power harrow.

For dry, non-sticky soils, without an integrated seed drill, the MaxiCrumbler has a 20-inch diameter and is extremely durable in rocky conditions.

For compacted, silty or sticky soils, the MaxiPacker has a large 21-inch diameter and is less subject to sinking in light soil.

Durable Drive Components

A Considerable Time Saver




Transport width
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp) at 1000 min<sup>-1</sup>
Minimum PTO power
PTO shaft
Rotor speed
Number of rotors
Tine working length
Approximate machine weight with MaxiPacker roller
Working width
Gross total shipping weight: 1 machine/crate
HR 3004 D HR 3504 D HR 4004 D HR 4504 D
10'3" (3.1 m) 11'7" (3.5 m) 13'6" (4.1 m) 14'11" (4.5 m)
250 hp (186 kW) 250 hp (186 kW) 250 hp (186 kW) 250 hp (186 kW)
80 hp (60 kW) 90 hp (67 kW) 100 hp (75 kW) 110 hp (82 kW)
1 3/8'' - 21-spline - Factory set for 1,000 rpm 1 3/8'' - 21-spline - Factory set for 1,000 rpm 1 3/8'' - 21-spline - Factory set for 1,000 rpm 1 3/8'' - 20-spline
234 / 306 234 / 306 234 / 306 234 / 306
10 12 14 16
11" (28 cm) 11" (28 cm) 11" (28 cm) 11" (28 cm)
Cat. 2 and 3 Cat. 2 and 3 Cat. 2 and 3 Cat. 2 and 3
2,481 lbs (1,125 kg) 2,878 lbs (1,305 kg) 3,103 lbs (1,415 kg) 3,451 lbs (1,565 kg)
9'10" (3.0 m) 11'3" (3.4 m) 13'1" (4.0 m) 14'9" (4.5 m)
3,737 lbs (1,695 kg)
Technical Characteristics
Fast-Fit® II quick release tine system
HR 3004 D HR 3504 D HR 4004 D HR 4504 D
Standard Standard Standard Standard


Customer Spotlight: HR 1004

  • Peter Martens Photo
    Peter Martens Farmer

    “We’ve been able to do an optimum job of soil preparation a higher percentage of the time because our rotary cultivator (KUHN HR 4504 Power Harrow) allows us to work the ground without losing as much moisture as you have to lose to use a disc effectively. The cost of operation is lower. The wear parts and tines are much less expensive on the KUHN than they were on the competing model. The KUHN is just a more robust and durable machine."

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  • Eldora_Speedway Testimonial KUHN
    Rob Platfoot Facilities Manager at Eldora Speedway

    “It doesn’t take as long to work the track now. The harrow (KUHN HR 4004 D) is a major asset because you can add more water to the track when it’s 100 degrees outside to work it into the soil to last awhile. Vice versa the harrow helps the track dry out on rainy days, when it’s too wet to dry by itself."

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