MDS .2 Series

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Feed the Crop to Maximize Your ROI

The KUHN MDS range of fertilizer spreaders offers a simple and integrated solution for a variety of operations. This includes specialized crops, such as vineyards, orchards and vegetables, as well as row crop and small grain farms.

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Designed for a wide variety of crop operations, the MDS .2 Series offers many features and options to succeed in almost any application. A simple PTO drive and rugged low-maintenance gearbox operate twin spreading discs that offer working widths up to 80’ (depending on the product applied) to finish large areas quickly and efficiently. Operators will appreciate the increased capacity of the available hopper extensions to work longer between refills, while the octagonal bottom reduces bridging and sticking for even cleanout. Redesigned metering outlet controls offer both electric and hydraulic options and the position of the metering slides can be easily viewed from the tractor seat for improved operator comfort. Optional border control and banding attachments direct product to where it can provide the greatest return on investment – feeding the crop.

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Designed to Withstand Tough Conditions


Main Gearbox & Driveline

All MDS spreaders utilize a simple 540 rpm PTO drive. Contained within the cast-iron case are the components to drive the spreading discs and hopper agitator. This drive system has been designed for long life with minimal maintenance, as the gearbox oil only requires changing every 10 years under normal operating conditions.

High-Quality Finish

All KUHN fertilizer spreaders go through a proven multi-step finishing process that includes mechanical and chemical cleaning followed by a top-quality powder-paint application and baking. This ensures optimal corrosion and scratch resistance, fading resistance, acid resistance, and increased abrasion durability.

Improved Material Flow

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Hopper Design

The hopper on the MDS .2 has been reshaped into a more octagonal design. Similar to the design of our larger Axis® fertilizer spreaders, the angles improve material flow to the centrally located metering outlets. This reduces bridging and promotes complete hopper emptying with all types of granular materials and seeds. A rotating agitator at the bottom of the hopper also helps to keep material flowing freely. Optional agitators are available for special applications such as grass seed, powdery materials, or sticky materials.

Direct Flow Control (DFC) System

All MDS spreaders utilize the Direct Flow Control (DFC) system for rate control. For a given working width and ground speed, changing the opening of the metering slides by a given percentage will change the application rate by the same percentage. On the .2 models, the metering slide opening scales are mounted on the front of the spreader to keep them cleaner and for comfortable viewing from the operator’s seat.
MDS.2_Direct Flow Control.jpg

Tailored to Meet Your Operation's Needs


Metering Outlet Controls

Hydraulic Outlet Control
Precision control of the metering outlets is essential to ensure that the right rate of fertilizer or seed is applied to the field. Each outlet is controlled by its own dual-acting hydraulic cylinder connected to the tractor’s SCVs. The size of each outlet opening can easily be monitored on the indicators visible from the operator’s seat.
E-Click Outlet Control
For enhanced control, choose this electric metering outlet control option. One actuator for each outlet ensures reliability and precision, all controlled through the simple E-Click control box. Just like the hydraulic version, convenient indicators for monitoring the outlets are visible from the operator’s seat.

Spreading Discs

MDS spreaders can spread up to 80’ (pass-to-pass working width) depending on disc selection and the properties of the material. In general, oddly shaped and/or less-dense granules will be restricted to narrower patterns.

Adjusting the length and position of the paddles on the discs creates the ideal spread pattern for each material. M1C discs come standard and are designed for working widths up to 59’. Optional M2 discs feature redesigned paddles optimized for 60’-80’ spread patterns. Both disc types offer the option of VXR hard-coated paddles for even greater durability.




Working width
Basic capacity
Maximum hopper payload
Filling height
Hopper width
Loading width
Flow control
Fertilizer application rate
Half width shut-off
Protection sieve
Spreading discs included in base machine
Empty machine net weight, approx.
MDS 8.2MDS 14.2MDS 18.2MDS 20.2
33'-80' (10-24 m) depending on disc selection and material33'-80' (10-24 m) depending on disc selection and material33'-80' (10-24 m) depending on disc selection and material33'-80' (10-24 m) depending on disc selection and material
17.7 cu ft (500 L) basic; 28.3 cu ft (800 L) with optional extensions28.3 cu ft (800 L) basic; 49.4 cu ft (1,400 L) with optional extensions24.7 cu ft (700 L) basic; 63.6 cu ft (1,800 L) with optional extensions31.8 cu ft (900 L) basic; 70.6 cu ft (2,000 L) with optional extensions
1,760 lbs (800 kg)3,085 lbs (1,400 kg)3,970 lbs (1,800 kg)4,410 lbs (2,000 kg)
36.2'' (92 cm)41'' (104 cm)36.6'' (93 cm)39.8'' (101 cm)
42.5'' (108 cm)55.1'' (140 cm)74.8'' (190 cm)74.8'' (190 cm)
38.6'' (98 cm)51.2'' (130 cm)70.1'' (178 cm)70.1'' (178 cm)
Direct Flow Control (DFC) systemDirect Flow Control (DFC) systemDirect Flow Control (DFC) systemDirect Flow Control (DFC) system
180 rpm180 rpm180 rpm180 rpm
250 lbs/min (113 kg/min)250 lbs/min (113 kg/min)250 lbs/min (113 kg/min)250 lbs/min (113 kg/min)
M1C discs for spreading from 33'-59' (10-18 m)M1C discs for spreading from 33'-59' (10-18 m)M1C discs for spreading from 33'-59' (10-18 m)M1C discs for spreading from 33'-59' (10-18 m)
Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible)Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible)Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible)Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible)
540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm
419 lbs (190 kg)463 lbs (210 kg)463 lbs (210 kg)507 lbs (230 kg)