Our project

For our future: the KUHN Group Business Plan.

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Achieve profitable growth by designing, manufacturing and marketing a full range of innovative, high-quality agricultural equipment and services meeting the diverse needs of agriculture worldwide. All our actions are aimed at providing our customers with the best ownership experience and the maximum return on their investments.



Our development is supported by our values. They have contributed to our success and the growth of the KUHN brand for nearly 190 years!

  • Customer loyalty
    Our growth and profitability depend on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. To develop these, we must:
    - Understand our customers’ needs,
    - Provide high quality and innovative products that provide the best value,
    - Provide accessible and reliable support services.
  •  Contributions and strengths of our employees
    To continue its growth, the KUHN Group relies on:
    - Qualified, committed, and motivated employees,
    - Innovation and creativity,
    - Teamwork and initiative,
    - Sound decision making, integrity and loyalty,
    - Accountability for actions and results,
    - Open and effective communication,
    - Continuous education and training.
  •  Shareholder commitment and satisfaction
    We will ensure continued success through the achievement of performance and financial goals.
    Satisfied shareholders and stable ownership contribute to the Company’s long-term strategy and development.
  •  Respect for the environment
    We consider the impact our products will have on the environment as we develop them.
    Our manufacturing and distribution sites respect the environment.



Each location, through its adherence to ONE, makes promises for concrete action. We promise to:


  • Continually improve
    - Our constant focus is on improving the Company’s performance to better satisfy our customers.
    - Continuous improvement is facilitated by the use of proven tools and resources (process development, project management, etc.)


  • Involve employees
    - The involvement of all employees, no matter what their role, is critical to satisfy our customers, increase efficiency, and secure our future.
    - Internal communication promotes everyone’s understanding of and involvement in KUHN’s continuous improvement project.
    - All employees should be committed to the goals of Project ONE.


  • Develop synergies throughout the KUHN Group
    - Cooperation and teamwork between all functions are crucial for us to become more proactive and efficient in problem solving.
    - We must share best practices between the Group locations to maximize synergies.
    - Sharing experiences, cultures and ideas is a source of enrichment and development opportunities.


  • Measure our progress
    - Those who measure results improve!
    - Our goals must be ambitious, yet realistic. Tracking our progress allows us to regularly evaluate our accomplishments according to established plans.


  • Foster our business partnerships with customers and vendors
    We develop stable and integrated partnerships with our customers and vendors by involving them in our efforts and our development.


  • Commit to citizenship
    We consider the safety and wellness of our employees, our care for the natural environment, and positive community relations to be key to our stable and lasting development.